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Zealandia Rising E Book

Book One

zr_coverZealandia Rising is set in an apocalyptic world not so far into our future. The story takes into account the current geopolitical trends, climate changes and financial collapse.

The story begins in with a volcano erupting under Auckland, two individuals make an unusual choice in their escape route and journey together.  He is older with practical life skills and knowledge, she is younger, beautiful and a streetwise dreamer who wants answers to life’s most difficult questions.

A New Zealand Apocalypse
Adventure & Survival
Romance & Relationships
And a hope for our world.

The heroes survive and their discussions would have caused Plato and Socrates to applaud, but they would have upset the church and state. Yet they have the compassion to understand the nature of suffering that may have warmed Buddha’s heart.

Our heroes meet other survivors, Zealandia begins to rise and stranded, a transformation towards a new and more stable society begins.

This is a grand adventure in which the geological story is consistent that of
modern earth science, the human story consistent with the worlds great teachers
and current scientific knowledge.

“They enjoyed the morning air as they continued and
when passing a ruined church Alice asked, “Jack, so far
you’ve explained what we know and don’t know about our
origins quite nicely, but what about the world we live in
now, like, is anything true about religion? And we have
talked a little about politics, but I also want to know about
He replied, “You ask some interesting questions Alice.”
She said, “I figure my brain is for thinking and it’s
always good to share opinions coz I’ve been thinking what
if? You know, what if the world is almost destroyed and
there are only a few people like us left to it begin all over
again? Will we simply repeat everything the same way and
end up making all the mistakes of the past, or could we
build a better world?”
Jack thought for a minute and as he was formulating
what to say, they came to an intersection where they both
automatically stopped and looked each way to ensure there
was no approaching traffic. Then they realised and laughed
at the absurdity. Jack said, “Shows you how well we’ve
been trained and how behaviour becomes an automatic
Alice gave him with a warm acknowledging smile
before Jack said, “I guess that moment is telling us how
much we are creatures of habit and that habits are hard to
break. In this respect, civilisation has acquired many habits
that are hard to break.”
Alice again smiled in understanding and he continued,
“We began talking about this on our first day together and I
told you that I’ve done some research into the origins of
religion. Now let’s go back to the beginning of life according
to science.
Science says that at the sub atomic level, like smaller
than an atom, everything exists as energy and
consciousness. But this energy when shaped by
consciousness coalesces into mater forming the elements or
chemical compounds. Life as we see it began as chemical
compounds combined to create things like amino acids.
Over time these developed into living things like bacteria
and eventually what we recognise as life. But it seems that
there are two sides to life; matter and consciousness.”
Alice interjected, “Yes you’ve explained that and I
guess when consciousness leaves the body, a person ceases
to be. But, I think that maybe consciousness must shape
all matter to create conditions for life. Then when
conditions are ready, a more intelligent consciousness
inhabits matter and creates an energy exchange to grow
and reproduce.”
Jack smiled and said, “Yes that’s right, but a feature of
life is that it requires energy to sustain itself and grow
whereas inert matter returns to energy over time.”

Zealandia Rising
Book One
A self published PDF


One of the grandest adventure books available.
A book every rebel should read.
Sexy, funny and insightful.
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Available as a self published A5 PDF for notebooks and e readers.
Approx 86,000 words.

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This is the first book in a series analysing the human condition, the experiment of civilisation from which a new and more enduring civilisation emerges.

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