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Yoga Class Guide

Yoga Class Attendance Notes

cob_04Hatha yoga – the physical exercises which stretch, strengthen and balance one’s body and being. ¬†Typically classes start with a short meditation followed by gentle warm up exercises before attempting any stronger exercise. At the end of a class there is a warm down and a 10 min relaxation.

If you have any injuries or health problems you are aware of including pregnancy, please advise the teacher before class as some exercises may be unsafe for your condition.

Some exercises may cause a little discomfort if you overstretch. A good way to avoid over stretching. is to have a scale on 1 to 10 where 1 is no feeling and 10 is pain. So in practice you stretch in the 3 – 7 range on your comfort scale.

To bring
A yoga mat and a good sized blanket, or two good sized blankets. A blanket serves a pillow or cushion and is essential to cover you up during the relaxation at the end of the class.
A water bottle.

To wear
Any comfortable clothing, a tee shirt and track pants or shorts, or something stretchy as a form fitting leotard.  Ladies please note; a poorly fitting or to tight a bra worn while stretching can damage your breasts and accelerate sag so, if you wear a bra, please ensure your bra if you must wear one is comfortable and allows you to stretch comfortably.

It is good to arrive and get settled a few minutes before the class is due to begin, but if you do come late and it is sometimes unavoidable, simply enter and take your place in the class with as little fuss as possible.

In Class
Do your best to follow the instructions and listen to your body, enjoy the exercises, some will be easy, others challenging. If you experience any problems, just call out & ask in class, or bring your question 5 mins before class. Sometimes the class may work on some exercises in pairs or groups which makes the class more social and interesting fun.

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