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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
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Yoga and Health

An Activity Leading to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Yoga is renowned not only as a way to keep fit, or as a way to get to know yourself from a new and meaningful perspective, it is also a comprehensive healing system in its own right.

Many practitioners state that there is no disease or illness that cannot be helped or even cured through yoga practise. Of course if you have never done yoga before and suddenly find yourself ill, it may be to late to commence a yoga practise although it may bring peace of mind.

When the bodies immune system is weak, pathogens such as bacteria or fungal organisms may invade and attack the body resulting in one of the many diseases we suffer from.

Yoga is well known for supporting and strengthening the our entire body including the immune system which helps prevent illnesses. Where illness exists, yoga can be used to help remedy all problems.

Spinal Health
The spine (also called the vertebral column or spinal column) is composed of a series of bones called vertebrae stacked one upon another and most people have 33 vertebrae in total, although there may be 32 or 34 due to variations sometimes found in the lumbar or sacral regions.

It is probable that 95% of the entire population will suffer back pain at some time during their life and there are three causes of back pain, the first is illness, the second degeneration and the third is injury.

The most common cause of back pain which has a host of causes from poor posture, circulation, diet, mental and emotional problems, low self esteem and a lack of exercise. All these problems can contribute to degenerative disorders such as arthritis or inter-vertebral disk prolapse. The old adage that prevention is better than cure is key here as all the conditions leading to back ache, pain and debilitation are preventable.

Treatments for degenerative problems are complicated by the fact that causes are wide-ranging, and the level of pain is not always indicative of the actual damage to the spine itself. Usually, treatment involves a variety of different modalities.

Yoga has proven to be one of the most effective methods of keeping the spine flexible and healthy.

Accidents can occur at any time and not all can be prevented. The most common injury which may also develop over time is the prolapse of the intervertebral disc causing pain. Currently the most common treatments for many painful spinal conditions are a life time use of painkillers, or spinal fusion, which eliminates motion of the painful spinal segment. New technology is now offering artificial disk replacement.

Regular practise of yoga asana helps to keep the spine healthy, less prone to injury and can sped recover after injury.

Yoga for all
No matter how unfit or unwell you happen to be, most people suffer from a fear of participating or trying something new, but once this handicap is set aside, the way is paved to start taking self some responsibility and directing one’s own life.  Those who say they can’t have never tried or were unable to, never trying is fear, unable is an excuse for we are all able if we only gave ourselves permission.

A journey of small steps that may begin with yoga asana and breathing exercises. This is simply you giving time to yourself an addition to, or as an alternative to other exercise you may do.  It is a process of letting go control of life, a scary thing for some yet control is an illusion for no one is ever in control. It is a process of recognising the you are life interdependent with other lives.

According to NINDS, Americans spend over $50 billion on back pain every year, and that figure does not include lost wages to employees or cost to employers of lost production and down time. This scenario plays out in all the developed countries and most back pain could be reduced with yoga. However unlike a pill, yoga may take months or years, yet you are in control of the process. Yoga not only applies to spinal problems, it helps in all areas of health including lifestyle and relationships.

If you are suffering and relying on someone else to solve your problems, isn’t it time you took action?

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