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Intensive Massage Tuition

A personal learning and life lesson

Not everyone wants to undertake set courses and this learning option shapes your skills in accord with your needs and intuition to deliver real body therapy balanced against a background of ancient wisdom.  The lesson plan is a discussion about life within the tradition of the Gurukul schools and the yogic student teacher relationship. Massage is the medium complemented by discussion of holistic philosophy,  short meditations and yoga exercises as appropriate for mastering hands on touch.

This is a cost effective option and the massage loosely follows course material and classic massage techniques to give real hands on skills with the tutor demonstrating on you and then you practising on him. This is not about sex yet involves a level of natural platonic intimacy to discuss the human condition in depth as required for you to hone your intuition and deliver the most effective therapy.

The time required to learn a competent full body massage varies between people, but typically to master the introductory course takes eight to twelve hours. Some learning this way get enough from three or four lessons and others enjoy ten or more and leave as competent and certified therapists.

The fees are at cost because you will be practising on your instructor and he will be demonstrating on you. The fee from $25.0 per hour is to cover costs and as much as you are learning, this is a sharing of the massage art.

To commence learning this way, please call David, 03 980 4646 for a preliminary conversation and test class.

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