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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
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The ThunderClap

A transformational endeavour to know life

After 40 years of practising yoga and studying many philosophies, I have come to realise that must philosophies are insufficient and are now often used to justify inhuman behaviour.

We live in a world where might is right and while a population has grown almost to the carrying capacity of the earth we sat at the verge of wiping ourselves out of existence due to our ignorance and selfishness that comes from looking at life as some kind of commodity.

If we are to save ourselves as a species, we must transform our civilisation so that every individual has the opportunity to know life and to know themselves as a part of life instead of being cogs in a system with a limited opportunity to possess sufficient to find a temporary happiness as promised by democracy.

You may think it’s very noble to save the whales, you may think it’s very noble to help save some endangered species, but most often at the end of the day you are still looking for some external validation of who you are which gives a temporary happiness.

The Buddha famously said that “ignorance is the cause of all suffering” and I must agree that he is 100% correct. Where we remain ignorant of the true nature of who we are as human beings, the only possible outcome is suffering which in today’s world is mitigated by conformation to various psychological processes.

It is human nature to be free and this idea is supported in most Scriptures, it the meaning of the scriptures has over time being obscured for many reasons.

This is a time like no other we have an amazing global communication system where ideas and knowledge can be shared. He we have an opportunity to gain knowledge about our history, not as it is written in books, but as it really happened.

Scientists are still busy trying to piece together human evolution, but our more recent history is well documented in ancient India yet dismissed by the modern world.

The history of India goes back some 12,000 years or more where after the first transmission of yoga and the science of being human, the nation we know today as India came into being. A collection of small city states united by a respect for life and there’s the bridge colonialists test, it was the richest nation on earth.

Even then for almost 1000 years, India had been planted by the Moslems and millions of its population executed yet it was still the greatest nation on earth. It was a nation that lived very much in harmony with nature but unfortunately what was not destroyed by the Moslems was destroyed by the British and other colonialists.

Yet even today India remains a shining jewel attracting anyone seeking knowledge and wisdom. Individuals go there to find answers to life’s questions, solutions to their problems and scientists go for insight into the nature of science.

All roads lead to India not Rome. It is from India that knowledge and wisdom has spread and given us some ability to peacefully organise ourselves. But it is from yoga, the most ancient of sciences that we find the knowledge and wisdom to find joy within ourselves and the wisdom to live together in harmony.

As a spokesperson and guide for this transformational process, Sadhguru is unequalled because he speaks from the heart of life for the benefit of all. It’s not that you should believe him, but I ask you to please hear what he says and begin spending a little time each day sitting with your eyes closed and relaxing.

To enhance that experience, join the thunderclap and know that you are not alone, you are part of a movement working to bring peace, happiness and joy to the world.

Sadhguru consecrated a 112-ft face of Adiyogi on Mahashivratri, on Feb 24. This magnificent face is no monument or memorial, but an iconic inspiration and reminder to every human being, that yoga offers a way to evolve beyond their limitations. Adiyogi will be a galvanizing force and the cornerstone of a spiritual movement that will flood the world.

“We want to make sure that in the next ten to fifteen years’ time, the entire world will move from looking up to looking inward for their wellbeing. Inward is the only place where you can fix your wellbeing. I invite all of you to be a part of this, in whatever capacity you can. We are equipped like never before in the history of humanity to reach out to a large part of the population, and teach them how to turn inward and handle their wellbeing from within, rather than depending on the outside for support.” – Sadhguru

Spread the word and show your support for Adiyogi. With just a click, in less than a minute, you can help us reach millions and be part of this movement. Be sure to share this information with your friends, so they can help spread the word too!

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