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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
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The Importance of Meditation

Sanity for You – Salvation for Life on Earth

LakshmiVery few of us really know our own minds, we live in a state of compulsiveness and we react to the world based on our unstable sense of morality and false beliefs. Over the past few thousand years we have looked outwards and engage ourselves in doing stuff in the world, to fulfil some unexplained need within ourselves we have created God’s and looked toward an imaginary heaven.

In doing this we are now close to destroying our planetary home and life on earth. So the only chance we have left is to stop and look inwards. It is only through the process of meditation that we can go inwards and in doing this we can restore our physical health and sanity.

The Saints and sages have been telling us for thousands of years that suffering and sickness begins in the mind and even today it is true that about 70% of all disease begins in our minds. As Buddha said, all suffering begins in mind and meditators over countless generations have shown that by understanding one’s own body and mind, ignorance is overcome and the health of body and mind is restored.

Meditation master Sadhguru explains
how meditation works.

Most people live in a state of anxiety and fear due to the political organisation of our society and a small number of people have always known this. Rather than suffer in confusion they have taken it upon themselves to literally turn on to life, tune in to a larger and more vibrant reality, and dropout of the rat race.

No doubt you want to be happy as you were as a very young child. But the nature of our society and the education system forces and young minds to conform to harsh realities which is why so many young people commit suicide.  They do this because civilisation is totally insane and our unconscious participation in the games of civilisation exacerbate the problems.

Happiness is a natural state of being, where we are happy we suffer less and we are more productive. Society would have us believe that happiness is a goal that we achieve after a lifetime of hard work, but if we work hard we can enjoy transient pleasures along the way that make up for the absence of real happiness.osho

If you want to stop being a slave to the system, if you would like to be happy 24/7/365, the only way to achieve this is through meditation. It does not mean that you have to give up your job although if your job is damaging the environment or having a negative impact on your community, then a change of work may well be an order.

Everyone has a busy life, but spending 20 minutes twice a day is not a big sacrifice. It may mean you get up a little earlier morning and forego a cup of coffee, but if you commit yourself to doing this you will quickly begin to feel lighter. Not because your meditation is giving you any spectacular results, but because you are giving time to yourself and at long last you are taking yourself a little more seriously.

The path to wholeness

So, if you value your life and you want to raise a family that will endure for many generations without being ruthlessly exploited, you must deepen your understanding of existence. The sum total of all our life experience is an internal experience and yet most of us believe erroneously that everything is external.

You must understand the difference between knowledge and belief. You know that the fire is hot because you can feel its heat and you have a personal intimate relationship with that heat. When you believe something, that may not necessarily be true. We believe that Earth is round and travelling through space, we acquire this belief through testimony and scientific validation.

Many people believe in heaven as some kind of afterlife, however there is absolutely no evidence of this however this belief is fostered for political reasons and not for any human well-being. When you are asked to believe something, you must understand that it may not necessarily be true and that of you believe something that is false, then that will be at your detriment.

How to meditate for beginners at home

In my references to Sadhguru and by putting his videos and recommendations here, I do so because he is saying more eloquently but I have been telling people for many years. Millions of people follow Sadhguru and I recommend that you do to because it will make your life much more pleasant and enjoyable. And it will also give you a degree of self-determination.

If you live in Christchurch, you are welcome to join me for mediatation on Thursday evenings or I can talk to your group and lead them in mediatation.

If you live elsewhere, please go to to download the free yet powerful Guided Kriya yoga meditation technique on how to meditate (complete) taught by Sadhguru.

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  • Jeremy

    I used to think that meditation was something foreign and weird, but once I tried it I couldn’t believe how much more content I felt. It took some effort to sit still to tell you it’s been ever so worthwhile and my life has improved in so many ways

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