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Tears for Mother

The modern tragedy


Sita and Rama in exile via Arjuna Vallabha

Why I the reason I wonder why? As far as we know there is no beginning and there is no end, but here we are desperately searching for meaning and happiness. In the process of the search, some are exalted and some are despised. We manipulate matter and learn new thing’s, yet such happiness is ever temporary.

Yet while the truth is told, there are a few who listen even though the answer is obviously clear. We live in a dualistic world is made up of masculine and feminine and there are only two directions, inwards and outwards.

The modern tragedy is that man and his achievements have become more important than life itself so the feminine has been sacrificed to his desires. Because even the man contains the feminine, the sacrifice of the mother makes him afraid to look inwards and know the nature of himself.

With women cast aside, man is free to destroy all life and yet he also creates a deep fear within that is only alleviated when all other men fear as him. But with discontent running deep, he believes he can only be at peace when he sits atop the heap.

This is the grandest delusion that man believes in himself without the woman by his side. This is patriarchy where the masculine principle reigns supreme and yet this is what creates the misery in what we know as life.

This system reigns supreme so that women try to make themselves as men and they often do more work for less reward. In even more depraved places the woman is just the toy to be used and cast aside. Even though she is the progenitor of the nation, she has no social value.

If we are to save this world and what we call as civilisation, God must surely have a wife and man must find the courage to look within and know himself.

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