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Tantra Experience

How tantra massage works

Many people seeking the deep richness of sensual connection and an insight into their own spiritual nature all too often end up confused, disappointed and shortchanged. The therapist delivering such a service is someone who meditates and has attained some level of self-realisation and knowledge of life beyond belief however there are far too many unqualified individuals who blur the line between remedial massage and sex work.

There is no doubt that sex or a sexual massage provides a great deal of stress release which is why the exchange of money for sex is the world’s most continuously surviving industry that transforms itself to the dictates of society. Yet, tantra massage has very little to do with sex although the genitals are included within the context of a complete full body massage.

The primary objective of the tantra massage at the most basic level is a degree of relaxation and self integration connecting body and mind. The person suffering in a world of contradictory beliefs and confusions, tantra only adds to the confusion and increases suffering. Such persons although they may have a great urge for a different sexual experience are better advised to begin with conventional relaxation massage coupled with an ongoing daily program of physical and mental exercises to become more grounded in their humanity.

For tantra to be spiritually significant, the individual must be seeking truth and balance, not sensual pleasure for its own sake. The tantra massage works with the technology of being human and like regular massage, it helps to improve physical function but I can also go further and clearing emotional blockages that get in the way of realising one’s own humanity. This makes it a valid tool for those who are seeking truth and working to re-engineer their consciousness so they become more synchronous with the greater universe.

We live in a world where everybody wants something and few people actually take responsibility, if you are a person who wants and you are spiritually aware, tantra massage may provide a slightly mystical experience if you can hold your mind above your base desire which is the cause of so much suffering in this world because base desire rules human civilisation.

The tantra massage that may or may not be an orgasmic experience is about helping you to establish yourself as a responsible human being and enabling you to share the joy of life with those around you so that you too become an agent supporting the creative process of life instead of just being a user.

Having a tantric massage

Tantra involves the polarity of yin and yang, light and dark, and the polarisation of opposites within the flow of the seasons, therefore treatments are more effective when men are treated by a female therapist and woman by a male although at its core, tantra has very little to do with gender as we think of it. It’s all about becoming more fully human.¬†In terms of pricing, there are many therapists charging $200 per hour plus for what amounts to little more than a rub and tug while those who know what they are doing charge and average of US$400 per session. In New Zealand¬†prices are generally much more reasonable although some therapists typically charge around $300 per session.

You need to prepare yourself and this is help through stretching, meditating and disconnecting yourself as you can from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Before arriving to your appointment, bathe and prepare your body as an offering to the divine but avoid using any strong perfume. If you shave, it’s good to be freshly shaved. Wear some soft clothing that you actually enjoy touching your skin and if you are brave enough, leave off your underwear.

When you arrive be prepared to discuss what’s happening in your life, your ambitions and areas in life you are experiencing difficulty. And this early part of the session, your therapist is attempting to meet you without any purpose other than to experience you as you are. If you feel sexy, that’s fine but keep it to yourself because no therapist appreciates a client coming onto them.

You will soon be laying on the table partially naked, if you are shy and the massage proceeds (using warm organic oils) as any other although typically the therapist will also be naked and his or her hands will commence to massage your body in its entirety. As with any massage, you can indicate your likes and dislikes although sometimes to clear the way for your energy to flow, some deep tissue massage techniques may be applied.

Every massage is different as is every person, but the more that you can genuinely relax and surrender your body and mind, the more the therapist will be able to intuit and deliver what you and your body needs. Some Tantric massages are little different from any regular massage because the client is unable to transcend the entanglement of their own consciousness which is often disappointing for them and the therapist. Some treatments may involve gentle stroking, verbal communication and sometimes a little cuddling but the primary treatment is the therapist using their hands and arms to help you to create a little space inside yourself for clear thinking and enhanced perception beyond body and mind.

After your massage, the nourishing oils will continue to hydrate your skin and a set of jumping back into distracting activities, find a quiet space to maintain a contemplative mind about who you are and who you want to be. Reading spiritual books, meditating or listening to music can be very rewarding. A common side effect of this massage is an increased sense of well-being and when you are ready, share your joy with those you love.

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