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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
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Life's Foundations

Perception and reality

Over the past few hundred years, Western science has freed itself from the restraints of the church and is now free to ask what many consider as the ultimate questions. Science has also progressed and through modern analytics, the nature of existence can be explored in finite detail although as yet there is no Western technology that allows the exploration of the infinite.

Morgan Freeman has been

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Action for harmonious life and living

Shiva blessing Arjuna with the Pashupatastra, Pushpagiri via Arjuna-Vallabha

What is referred to simply as Dharma or as Sanatana Dharma is a concept central to Hinduism and Buddhism that was once known over most of the world. It came from the sharing of knowledge as to our creation and the reasons why we are here wherever that may be.

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The goal of yoga

In the Western world including New Zealand, the nature of life is unknown and only ever subject of discussion. Our scientists have dissected the atom and yet they cannot understand the nature of the different parts of an atom just like they cannot understand life.

Life is not to be understood in this way, but yet we continue to manipulate and each other for short-term profits.

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Why Do We Shout?

Communicating in anger

A Hindu saint who was visiting river Ganges to take a bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples, smiled and asked.

“Why do people shout in anger shout at each other?”

Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, “Because we lose our calm, we shout.”

“But, why should you shout when

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The First Yoga Program

And our ancient origins

To understand the origins of yoga, it helps to know a little about India. What we know of as India today was once known as Bharatha; it stretched from Afghanistan to Myanmar (Burma) and included Sri Lanka.

There are genetic links between the people of South India, some of the peoples of Southern Africa and Australia that suggest a connection before the first people were

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The spread of yoga

And becoming fully human

How little we really know about history. Some 15,000 years ago Shiva, the first yogi gave instruction to a small group of followers and when they became fully realised they were sent to the corners of the earth.

If we dig deep enough, we can find some evidence on all the continents and even in New Zealand. We are still trying to piece together what happened

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Pages and links about India, Hinduism and Yoga

Having been involved in the practice of yoga for the past 40 years, this is a list of pages that I have written on yoga, Hinduism and history.

As I have written elsewhere, the practices of yoga lead to a place of unity or oneness with the creative principal, also referred to as enlightenment. This enlightenment or self-realisation is the ultimate reality

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