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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
Learn how by reading; Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

Purposeful Recreation

Rejuvenating Holidays in New Zealand

It is a human need to take time out from work and schedules, to spend time in nature and reconnect with life in a simpler and more direct way.

This is the purpose of yoga, massage and meditation. When we put this in context of holidays and other motivations for timeout, making that time productive in terms of getting to know yourself a little

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Recreational massage

Lessons in sensory awareness

Recreational massage is any massage for stress relief, relaxation and pleasure. For single people it gives confidence in touch and for couples it can be used to deepen intimacy. While the full introductory course can be take, casual sessions are available to cater for you needs.

As with public classes, you get an explanation, demonstration and guided practice so that you gain the practical hands on

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