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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
Learn how by reading; Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

Recreational massage lessons

Primary health care and recreation

A massage table is not necessaryA public domain image

A little basic massage is like first-aid, when you come home from work sore and tired, a few minutes massage can relieve your stress and give you energy to enjoy the remainder of the day, and it will also help you to sleep better.

A good massage also speeds up recovery after strenuous sports,

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Tears for Mother

The modern tragedy

Sita and Rama in exile via Arjuna Vallabha

Why I the reason I wonder why? As far as we know there is no beginning and there is no end, but here we are desperately searching for meaning and happiness. In the process of the search, some are exalted and some are despised. We manipulate matter and learn new thing’s, yet such happiness

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The Importance of Meditation

Sanity for You – Salvation for Life on Earth

Very few of us really know our own minds, we live in a state of compulsiveness and we react to the world based on our unstable sense of morality and false beliefs. Over the past few thousand years we have looked outwards and engage ourselves in doing stuff in the world, to fulfil some unexplained need within ourselves we have created

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Meditation rewards

A way to discover one’s true self

Meditation is also completely FREE! It requires no special equipment, and is not complicated to learn.

There are so many advantages to meditation. Meditation is as powerful. Here is the definitive list of benefits that meditation can provide you with:

Physiologically meditation:

1- Lowers oxygen consumption. 2- Decreases respiratory rate. 3- Increases blood flow and slows the heart rate. 4- Increases exercise

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