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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
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Massage: A Historical Context

And an evolutionary process

Almost all mammals and many other species scratch when they itch and rub their bodies to relieve discomfort and humankind is no different. There is little doubt that our earliest ancestors would have also scratched when they itched and rubbed their bodies to relieve tiredness and stress. It seems probable that these actions were simply responsive to individual circumstance and perhaps many tens of thousands of

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Yoga and Health

An Activity Leading to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Yoga is renowned not only as a way to keep fit, or as a way to get to know yourself from a new and meaningful perspective, it is also a comprehensive healing system in its own right.

Many practitioners state that there is no disease or illness that cannot be helped or even cured through yoga practise. Of course if you

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Yoga Asana or Exercise

Yoga Defined

The science of the five elements – Preparing the body Buta Shuddhi teacher finder

Yoga asanas are the physical postures within what is termed Hatha Yoga. They can be defined as ‘any life supporting bodily position or exercise’.

The practice of yoga asana has many benefits which is why they and the subject of Hatha Yoga have become so popular. Regular practise helps to strengthen

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Breast Massage

Your breasts are not sex objects

In about a dozen of all the countries in the world, the human female breasts are seen as sexual objects where they have become the subject of socio-political ideologies leading to bad attitudes toward the breasts and women in general.

It was not so long ago a woman’s ankles were the ultimate tease and turn on for men, and no self righteous woman would

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Tips for health

You are what you eat

A healthy diet is key to good health and good health is key to success and quality of life. No matter how hard you try, you will never realise your dreams unless you have some appreciation of your body and mind, and as your appreciation grows and you treat them better body and mind will serve you.

An organic vegetarian diet free from any

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