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Relieving Reproductive Dysfunction

Restoring women’s reproductive health

amTo understand reproductive dysfunction from a holistic perspective, it’s helpful to remember that we exist as a part of the life of the universe. We have been gifted this remarkable body and mind in order to experience life, yet we all live in prisons of our own creation.

Our physical prison is our geographic location and social class, but this is less significant than the prison that we create within our own minds. We are bound by our attachments to fears, beliefs and ideas, to people, to things and the attitudes that shape our lives.

In terms of reproduction, nature has gifted us with the senses of pleasure as an incentive to make the act of sexual intercourse pleasurable thereby supporting the fundamental biological drive to maintain our species, yet for many, sexuality has become a commodity. But because reproduction is a regulated part of our lives, we all grow into life with expectation of ease and a natural ability to have children.

Therefore when one suffers unreasonable menstrual discomfort, becomes unable to conceive or carry the growing fetus to full-term and a successful delivery, we must examine the many factors involved in how not only the woman but her partner manages their lives.

Competition and conformity

Some studies have revealed that about 18 per cent of women in India, mostly from the East, suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a disorder which causes infertility. Swati Deshpande, Principal of the prominent college from Bandra in Mumbai, said, “I have heard theories on why girls suffer from PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease) at an early age. When they dress like men, they start thinking or behaving like them. There is a gender role reversal in their head. Due to this, the natural urge to reproduce diminishes right from a young age and therefore they suffer from problems like PCODs.”

It’s not that women dress like men, it’s that they get caught up in competing in a socially unjust and highly stressful system which has a negative impact on their minds and bodies. These same stresses affect men’s health as well, but for woman, these are far more significant and a major cause of PMT, infertility, pre-and post menopausal suffering.

When men and women who are already suffering a high stress lifestyle become so bound up in lives governed the dictates of the competitive society they are part of, good diet and exercise often falls away compounding their problems.


The factors that decrease fertility are as described above, but where couples are unable to conceive, the male must take a fertility test to ensure his sperm is healthy. When his sperm are weak or too few,  there are nutritional and lifestyle improvement programs available. They cannot be guaranteed to make him fertile again but will improve the overall quality of his life. From there the lifestyle and relationship can be more closely examined before undertaking explorative work on the female body.

When women are suffering reproductive discomfort or are unable to conceive, the stress factors must be relieved and understood at an emotional level. Then dietary and lifestyle changes can improve her sense of well-being and fertility. But overall the factors that limit the ability to conceive and have children can be collectivised under the labels of stress and malnutrition.

Restoring her reproductive health

Medical advise must be sought however this is often inconclusive because modern medicine is largely experimental and focussed on symptoms – not the whole person. What is more important is an examination of lifestyle, and establishing new ways of dealing with the stresses of life.

A first step in restoration is to improve diet, nutrition and exercise plus pleasurable recreational activities which help to show up the stress factors affecting ones life.

The second step is in getting real, in embracing ones humanity and for this yoga, meditation and massage are ideal.

Physical exercise helps to relieve some of the stresses of body and mind, but where stress factors have been present for a long time then massage is one of the best natural remedies.

With stress, please understand that stress begins in the mind but the mind cannot store stress so those stresses are stored away inside the body. Accumulated stress tightens muscles, compresses vital organs and leads to an impairment of physiological function in the different systems of the body including reproduction.

Physiological impairment leads to an inability to think clearly and make decisions, it causes a stagnancy or constipation in the body causing infertility and suffering in a world of declining fertility.


To prevent reproductive issues arising, one must take some responsibility for one’s own life to ensure one’s own health and fertility from as early in life as possible. Unfortunately people indulge in hedonistic lifestyles and then wonder why their bodies don’t function as they should when they suddenly decide it’s time to get pregnant.

When things don’t work as expected, instead of panicking, join a yoga class, get regular relaxation massages, improve diet and lifestyle factors. Then if there are still problems conceiving, there are specialist medical massage options.

Specialist massage for reproductive discomfort and infertility

As lifestyle and relationship issues are being improved, a course of detailed full body massages that include a detailed massage of the reproductive system will often help to restore reproductive comfort and functionality.

Before the advent of modern medicine, massage was the only tool to help with reproductive issues and in the late 1800s medical doctors were using massage as a tool to restore everything from a prolapsed uterus to ectopic pregnancies, painful menstruation and menopausal symptoms.

As with Mayan abdominal massage, this medical massage has its roots in ayurveda and it relies more on the therapist’s intuitive and tactile skills than the training they’ve received because it’s fundamentally a science of touch. Some well qualified therapists will never learn and some untrained therapists can deliver excellent results. Every body they touch is uniquely different.

In terms of having massage treatments, there is no space for prudishness and in fact prudishness is another stress factor that contributes to reproductive problems. Regardless of beliefs and religious attitudes toward the human body, there is no room for judgement. If a person is of the mind that the body is somehow sinful and should always be covered, remember that we are created this way and what sort of creator would gift something so wonderful that one is not permitted to perceive and share that wonder?

Some therapists around the world will keep a client partly covered and massage through clothing, however for massage to be most effective, the client needs to be naked. Most often as well as a general body massage, a firm massage into the abdominal cavity as well as the pubic and genital region is required to make any significant improvement.

The abdominal massage helps to address stress factors within the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. The massage to the pubic area touches into the pressure points (acupuncture points) that help to release stress within the reproductive system. A more complete treatment would also involve an internal massage where a therapist would use their fingers to massage all the surfaces on the inside of the pelvis and behind the pubic bone.

As with all forms of massage there may be elements of discomfort which means that the therapist and client need to be in constant communication as to what feels pleasant or unpleasant so that the therapist can adjust the pressure and not cause undue discomfort.

Just the thought of such a massage may cause anxiety some women. Just think, any massage may be a little uncomfortable at times, but it can also be very pleasurable so much so that sexual responsiveness may become a little overwhelming to the point of an orgasm. Although it rarely happens, it is only ever a possibility and an imagined fear. But should sexual excitation occur then it is simply a matter of laying back and enjoying it without having to respond in any way. In fact the experience of pleasure and pleasure of an orgasm helps restoration on an energetic level thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Many people are fearful or morally indignant at such an idea, but in terms of searching for social equity, tens of thousands of women around the world have been turning to what may be loosely described as a sensual or erotic massage as a way to relieve their day-to-day stresses and enjoy the pleasure of their bodies in the same way that men have been doing for countless generations.

The mainstream medical establishment disregards this sort of treatment and there are no doubt laboratories working to come up with a magic pill, but sometimes old-fashioned common sense combined with thousands of years of practical application produces excellent results.

If conception and the process of reproduction is broken, you can choose natural methods or you can choose IVF with the risk of having 5 or 10 babies all at once when all you want is one. IVF can work but the cost is often crippling.

On the other hand, you can take the inability to conceive as a blessing because you were no longer be bringing children into such an overcrowded world. But if the actual enjoyment of a sexual relationship is not there then clearly you need some help and massage is an avenue to do that.


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