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Relaxation & Therapy

Calmness and stress release

sdrAll massage is relaxing and all massage is therapeutic.

The classical massage for relaxation and available world wide is often referred to as Swedish Massage which is a term for any general massage and rubbing of the body with oils.

Swedish Massage can range from massaging only parts of body like head and shoulders, back head and neck, feet and legs and any combination to a complete full body treatment.

Massage eases the stress from muscles and as the body begins to relax, the mind also begins to relax.  When you relax deeply enough and the mind stops interfering in the processes of the body, the body’s own autonomic nervous system takes over and begins to reprogram the body for optimal function.

Swedish Massage is an elementary massage for first timers or those who are shy or self conscious about their bodies. For braver folk, holistic and lomi lomi full body treatments provide a deeper level of relaxation and restoration.

3 comments to Relaxation & Therapy

  • Jacqueline

    Hi Dave, that was an unbelievably good massage you gave me. I felt fantastic for a week and hope to be back in April 2017. Hope to see you then ॐ

  • Mary Foster

    Namaste David, your service is so understated, like I’ve been having massages for the past 5 years and none matched what you delivered and I’m getting used to the idea that I’ll never find as good here in Calif. Blessings

  • Erica and James

    Hey Dave and Cheva, thanks for such a brilliant massage. James was really hesitant and I twisted his arm, but he’s so glad we went. We don’t get such good massages here in the UK

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