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Gratitude and thanks for sharing your experience/talent/knowledge base with us, your students. You are an amazing teacher, so much patience and willingness give to us. Very thoughtful, to ensure we critique our method, so the client has a good experience. So caring. Thanks again.
Am looking forward to learning more and more next year.
Nga mihi maioha, Na Marg

“My massage from David was worth the entire course fee” Emma

“David; You’re a great teacher and I learned so much from you” Rebecca

After our first class, I had the best sleep I’d had in months.

I really enjoyed the hot stone massage course.

I have attended QMBS on numerous occasions as a model for students The style of massage which is taught is great – it focuses on the whole body, and offers firm massage which is certainly a winner with me.  The style is so much better than the majority of places I have been to in the past where you can come out feeling as if nothing has been achieved, not even relaxed.  David’s technique as a masseur and a teacher is excellent – I have never been disappointed with a massage here with students from Beginner upwards.  I can only assume with such a great teacher that the school is turning out very well qualified massage professionals.

I would willingly have paid for the massages I have received as a student, and if I was considering undertaking a course, this would certainly be the place I would go.
Emma Jenkins

Booking Process = Excellent
Pre Treatment Interview = Excellent
Treatment Quality = Excellent
Suffer lower and middle back tension and After Treatment Absolutely Fantastic

Dear David and Students,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing massage I was lucky enough to receive last night. As a new model, I was happy to help the students but also as it was my first time I was apprehensive about the process.

The communication was clear and open, I was made to feel very comfortable about the process and what was happening during the massage. Your student, although I understand her to be at an immediate level, was very confident and I thoroughly enjoyed my massage. She was responsive to my areas of tenderness and responded accordingly with your guidance.

I would highly recommend your practice to friends, family or anyone who would listen.

I look forward to another model opportunity when it may arise.
Mandy Noble

Thank you so much for the massage last night. It was really awesome.
You have done a great job with the girls.&
Thanks again

An excellent course and I have learned so much. Thank you.
Anna L

Very professional and explained well to client and trainee. All is great by me as any massage is a relief for me, even as a model, but I would love come as a client when finances permit, for a full massage.
Jennie, massage model

I appreciated your input and training given to me to assist my personal development with massage therapy i give to my clients. I received a massage from you and had a wonderful feeling of relaxation after. I have mentioned this to many people i Have contact with who may live in Christchurch wanting a massage.
Bronwyn, working therapist

Great service, relaxed in a warm environment  Thank you

Sometimes I leave feeling a little sore as my sore areas have been treated but it is better than the ache I feel all the time. I am thankful for the massages as it loosens up some of my tight areas and keeps me going til the next one.
Terrie- an invalid.

The massage techniques i learnt are very good and very appreciated by my clients

I don’t take advantage of your service very much because it it on the opposite side of town from where I live and also by the time I check the schedule of appointments the times I can make it are usually all taken. I did enjoy the massage and believe that the young girl (trainee student) that did the massage was as good as some of the qualified massuses that i have visited in the past.

I was most impressed. The atmosphere calm, warm, supportive and the treatment by the student was wonderful. Thankyou.
Judy – student model

I thought the massage was amazing and the best massage i have ever had and ive had a few! keep doing what your doing.
regards Jo – student model

You are doing an awesome job. You have no idea how much I need a bit of a pamper every now and then and this is just perfect for me. Thank you!!!!
Ruth – student model

Always enjoy having a massage, very good for my body, the welcome warmth and the knowledge of where to work to get the best stretch or relief of muscle tightness, always good advice thank you
Flo – client and model

I have sever degenerative disease and felt safe, informed and listened too, and felt great improvement.
Marg – massage client

I just wanted to touch base with you in the hope that you might be able to assist us again with some training. The staff who did the Lomi Lomi session last year were all very pleased and are all using the techniques that you taught as part of their massage routines.
Justine Rutherford
Spa Administrator
Hanmer Springs Thermal Resort

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  • Wendy

    Thanks for a most excellent massage, I’ll be back and recommend you to my friends

  • Helga

    Many times thank you Chevanne, that massage was just what I needed and the pain has completely gone

  • Jane Ross

    Hi there, I was in Christchurch many years ago and had several most excellent massages with David. Since then I’ve had massages in many different places but none have come close to the wholesomeness and magic of touch that somehow set me free.

  • Rosie Tum

    An excellent massage. Thank you very much David, a week later I feel much lighter

  • Cecilia Skevy

    Thank you for the superb massage and advice, I was quite wound up

  • Tia Mccarthy

    I have to say ‘the best massage in the world’ – wholesome and deeply healing

  • George Tausa

    Thanks for the great massages David and I’ve recomended my parents to see you when they come later in 2017

  • Julie

    Hi David, thanks ever so much for putting it straight with the hot stone massage, my clients are loving it and telling their friends so now my practice is really busy