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Recreational massage lessons

Primary home care and play

A massage table is not necessary
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A little basic massage is like first-aid, when you come home from work sore and tired, a few minutes massage can relieve your stress and give you energy to enjoy the remainder of the day, and it will also help you to sleep better.

A good massage also speeds up recovery after strenuous sports, but most importantly massage is good for you. So instead of coming in and sitting down with your favourite alcoholic beverage, why not lay down and have your body stroked and those achy bits properly relaxed?

Massage in the home has many applications. Not only can couples relieve their day-to-day stresses and even treat the kids, it helps to create a deeper social bond which is important in this increasingly fragmented world.  Therefore every couple entering into a relationship should really know how to give a relaxing massage and have a sound knowledge human body.

By knowing how to give a good massage and relieve your partner’s stress, you will also reduce your healthcare expenditure, but more importantly it is a demonstration of your care and commitment to the relationship.  In the bedroom knowing how to massage extends foreplay, adds flavour and variety to sexual activity, but more importantly massage helps to keep relationships real as touch facilitates communication and real intimacy.

How to learn?

If you live somewhere where you cannot find a qualified teacher, you can pick up lots of tips from YouTube videos, but they are no substitute for qualified tuition.

My tuition gives you a sound ethical and physical foundation with the protocols for relaxation, real healing, pleasure and intimacy to suit your needs. If you want to surprise your partner, you are welcome to join a public class or take personal lessons. If you and your partner want to learn, appointments can be scheduled to suit my clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

When you have the correct knowledge and a set of techniques that you know how to apply, you can then take techniques from YouTube videos and incorporate them into your activity.  Personal tuition options, book your lessons.


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