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Medical Massage

The original healing art

There seems to be no limit to the benefits of massage, it’s been used since ancient times to relieve stress, strain, pain, rebalance the musculature and restore function to physiological movement. In some cases it has also been used successfully to help flush disease from the body, restore life in the lifeless and bolster the immune system.

After massaging for 40 years I have seen for myself many amazing things such as people suffering from spina bifida relaxing enough to be able to focus and coordinate their movements. Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease in a hospital setting completely cease trembling for up to 3 days after only one treatment. Massage has become so refined and sophisticated in its scope that is even being used to restore the health of animals.

There is virtually no condition causing suffering that cannot be relieved using massage and the other aspect of massage is that it enhances performance which is why major league athletes and successful people have regular massages to improve their performance on the track, field or in the boardroom.

These aspects of massage were noted by the ancient Greek healer and philosopher Socrates and in the past 2000 years, the therapeutic aspects of massage are unchanged but are being put to an ever wider use.

During the 20th century, massage became more of an ascetic tool helping people to look and feel good but as the pharmaceutical industry grew, massage became marginalised simply because the pharmaceutical giants saw and continue to see such a natural and effective treatment as a threat to their profits. They want people to buy their pills in order to feel better and thereby grow their profits.

It is only the wiser and perhaps more intelligent human beings who learn from the past and recognise that when they are suffering, it is because their body system is out of balance. The cure is in correcting the balance which is best done through physical means. Exercise programs and improving diet can help immensely, but massage is a tool which can begin and accelerate the healing process.

You may have noticed that we’re talking about massage in terms of healing, but like adopting a good diet and regularly exercising, regular massage is a fantastic preventative medicine. Would you rather wait until you get sick before doing something about your life balance or would you prefer to prevent any suffering from occurring?

Various massages and their healing effects.

Swedish massage; this massages a general tonic for the body helping to relax muscles and improve circulation. The way it is most often used today it has become more of a cosmetic treatment and an aid to maintaining good health rather than helping to heal any specific problem.

Therapeutic massage; or massage buys very nature is therapeutic service term is something of a misnomer. For many this is simply another term for Swedish massage and a cosmetic treatment although when the practitioner is properly trained and experienced, it is used to treat areas of the body related to the injury and it can be mildly effective.

Holistic bodywork; this style of massage is subject to a wide degree of interpretation but here a well-qualified practitioner works to systematically release the stress from distressed areas of the body and bring the body into a state of natural harmony thereby relieving whatever condition the person maybe suffering from. In contrast to the massages described above, this is a full body massage excluding the genitals.

Lomi lomi; this is another form of holistic bodywork that not only treats the physical body, but it also seeks to temporarily disassociate the sense of I am from the physicality of the body allowing the bodies own autonomic nervous system to become more effective.

Reflexology; this is a nice massage for people suffering from long-term chronic disease whose bodies are so toxic that a full body massage may make their lives a little present for a time. But it can also a very nice way to simply chill out and become a little disconnected from the stresses of life. This massage can apply to both hands and feet.

Menstruation and menopause; most reproductive discomfort is caused by dietary and lifestyle factors that cause a buildup of stress in the lower abdomen and massages one of the best remedies that can also assist in cases of stress-related infertility saving a fortune in IVF treatments.

Cosmetic therapies:

The facial; this is a nice way of being pampered without having to take all your clothes off. There are several massage styles involved and treatments can cover the entire upper torso with most of the time being spent massaging the neck, face and scalp. The primary benefit as a reduction in wrinkling and an improvement in skin tone.

Body sculpting; this is all about massaging firmly into the subcutaneous tissues typically of the inside and back thighs to liquefy the fat (cellulite) and move it away from the area. It can also be used to mobilise belly fat and move it into the breasts. These massages are not particularly enjoyable and must be done as a course of treatments.

Breast massage; this is primarily a breast cancer prevention treatment but it also helps to maintain, reduce or increase breast size. Or it can simply be used to maintain breast shape and keep the breasts healthy in readiness for breastfeeding or as a treatment when breastfeeding is difficult.

If you are considering massage as a preventative medicine or as a treatment for any condition and you are unsure or have questions, please get in touch.

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