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Massage Tips

Home massage guide

A simple introduction to massage therapy for relaxation

Hi there, these pages can be used at your own risk and responsibility to begin some tentative massage practice on your family, friends and acquaintances. This is not a complete course but it includes some of the techniques taught in our introductory certificate course.

As in life, the first imperative with massage is to “do no harm”. Therefore read the notes and play the videos to get some understanding of what you are trying to do before turning your friends to victims.

Remember your room needs to be warm, you hands soft, your nails smooth, your heart warm and your mind attentive. I would recommend you make your first few practices either on the back or the back legs although if your friend is loving what you’re doing, by all means continue.

Good luck and if you need help, schedule some lessons or advise about getting a massage.

Client comfort – read first

#1 Back body

#2 Back legs

# 3 Front legs

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