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Massage Tips #3

Home massage guide

Easy front leg massage

Massaging the front legs is similar to the back legs except you have the front shin bones and knees facing you. Exercise the same cautions as when doing the back legs. Note that the inner front of the shin bone is flat and you can massage gently over this area with the flat of your thumb, feel the shape of the shin bone and calf muscles.


Kneeling so that you sit on your heels with your knees apart and the foot between your knees works well.

Apply oil 

If you’ve done the back leg, you won’t need much extra oil, apply using effleurage techniques.  The muscles should be warmed up, but if the skin feels cold, a little more vigorous rubbing will help. Ensure your space is warm.


As in image 1, have your first finger and thumb together, your other thumb in the palm of the hand, (your hands over lap).

  • Wrap your fingers around the leg
  • Slide from the ankle toward the knee making reverse circles as you squeeze gently into the muscles, sliding your hands all the way up to the knee.
  • Gently feel and define the shin bone by sliding your finger tips gently along the surfaces of the bone and gently rub around the knee by making small circles with your finger tips.
  • Make a few effleurage/ drainage strokes and move onto the thigh.

The front and back thigh techniques are almost identical so review the back leg.

  1. Slide from the knee toward the knee making reverse circles as you squeeze gently into the muscles. The same as in image 1 except you’re doing it on the thigh.
  2. Kneading inner and outer thigh as you did on the back leg.
  3. Effleurage/ drainage strokes form ankle to hip taking care not to hurt the knee.

Ensure legs are enough apart so that you cam massage between the thighs without risk of your nails digging into the opposite thigh.

From here rest the leg down and perform kneading and drainage strokes as on the back leg

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