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Q & A

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Massage is relaxing and good for you

Answers to common questions about learning massage.

  • How do I join a class?
    • Simply register to join an advertised course.
  • The registration process and how to pay
    • Review the course information and register.
    • When you have registered,  wait for a confirmation email which may take a day.
    • You will be advised if there is space in the class and given a link to our payments page where you can pay by direct credit, paypal balance or credit card,
  • When can I join a class?
  • Your class times don’t suit me, can I learn at another time?
    • Yes the course can be done by appointment with private tuition.
  • Do you offer casual lessons?
    • Yes, casual lessons can be arranged anytime to cover any aspect of massage
    • Note casual lessons are not certificated unless the full curriculum has been covered.
    • We have list the options on the private tuition page.
  • What should I wear in class?
    • We provide sarongs for all classes as they are the most practical garment.
    • You are welcome to bring/ wear your own but note room is very warm and clothing may get some oil contact so don’t wear anything heavy, precious, or any clothing that will drag over your subject as you massage them. In a public class you will be both the student and the subject so you need to wear something that is easy to slip off & on.
    • When taking private lessons, a light short sleeve top/singlet/halter top and skirt/shorts or sarong are best.
  • I want private lessons, but I don’t have anyone to practice on?
    • We have an extensive list of voluntary (Christchurch) models available for in class lessons and for you to practice on in your own time.
  • How long does it take to learn massage?
    • Some talented individuals learn very quickly, however the average person takes 10-12 hours to fully grasp the introductory course in a public class and about 1/2 the time with private tuition.
  • What style of massage do you teach?
    • Our massage may be classified as therapeutic; Swedish or Ayurvedic massage.
  • I don’t have a computer or reliable internet access, how do I access the manual?
    • A ring-bound introductory class manual is available with your course and we have a supplementary DVD.
  • What are the prices for learning massage?
    • Class prices are listed on the course pages.
  • Is there anything I need to do before class or bring to massage lessons?
    • Please shower prior to class as hygiene is most important.
    • Ensure your finger nails are smooth.
    • You may bring/wear suitable clothing that is not bothered by a little oil contact
    • Sheets, towels and massage oils/waxes are provided.
  • What is the difference between therapeutic and sensual massage?
    • therapeutic massage stimulates relaxation of the muscles and movement of fluids
    • sensual massage stimulates relaxation and enlivening of sensory perception
    • all massage by definition is sensual as it is the means of awareness of giving and receiving. The real difference is in your imagination.
  • Both the introductory and intermediate course length and pricing are different for public and private classes, why?
    • In public classes, one student is massaging another, so to cover the same exercises take 2 x as long as an individual taking one on one tuition.
  • I am very shy about my body but want to learn.
    • Massage sessions are very respectful, without judgemental and during training, the body parts not being treated are covered but you will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with.
  • Do you hold classes in other cities?
    • If you are prepared to organise a group and venue, then yes.  Contact David for pricing.
  • Are you NZQA registered?
    • No, to register with nzqa would increase course the fees tenfold and make the courses more academic than practical.
    • Graduates of some NZQA massage courses do not meet our hands on standards.
    • NZQA is not a legal requirement to massage under NZ law.
    • See certification.
  • Are your certificates recognised?
    • Yes, our graduates have found work within the NZ, AU and EU spa industries.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    • No, if you think our courses are to expensive, please compare prices with other institutions.
  • I have registered and now find I am unable to attend the classes, can I cancel my registration and get a refund?
    • Full refunds are given when cancellations are made more that 10 days prior to your course commencing.
    • No refunds are made once classes have commenced
    • Please see terms and conditions for our refund schedule.

Private Courses can be arranged to suit, at your venue or mine, daytime or evening register your interest

Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or Email Registration

6 comments to Q & A

  • Erica

    Hi, most courses these days are so technical and detailed, requiring me to totally change the approach I’m used to. I’m looking for something that’s Simple, Effective, light on theory and works both as a stand alone therapy or can be integrated with other modalities. How are your courses in relation to my needs?

    • Admin

      Hi Erica, all our courses are fully hands-on and the essential health, safety and theory elements are included during the learning process. By learning with us you get an explanation of the techniques, you witness a demonstration and then you get to practice with corrections as needed.
      To back up our courses we have extensive manuals which also contain a great deal of theory which is important to familiarise yourself with if you are working in this field.

  • Austin

    Hi there, I’m a bit handicapped because I’m really big and spend a lot of time in a wheelchair, but I like the idea of massaging, can I take one of your courses?

    • Admin

      Given your condition you’d probably have to undertake some specialised personal training that you could do from a sitting down position therefore a public class option would be unsuitable.

  • Kalynn

    Hi, I’m looking to do a massage course in 2017, but are you guys going to be open?

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