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My Massage Business

Massage as a career

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If you are a spa or beauty therapist, adding a high quality massage to the list of services you provide will help generate a broader income stream and variety for your clients. We offer in house training for you and your staff, enquire.

My Massage business

Massage fees range from $30.00 – $130.00 per hour and 3 or 4 clients per day is a good income.

Work from home or open your own clinic

If the like idea of no commuting, no struggling through the weather or traffic to get to work on time, then a home based business is ideal. If you don’t want a boss telling you what to do, then becoming your own boss and developing your own massage business is a great solution to generate an income and contribute to your community.

Why massage?

A career as a massage therapist is very rewarding. If you like people and the human body, have hands on massage skills and are able to manage your own finances, this could be the career for you. Massage is a growing industry and massage is a very transportable skill where a competent therapist can find work in most towns and countries.

This course comprises our introductory and holistic bodywork 1 massage courses. In addition to the hands on tuition, there is advice on business management as required. The steps are:

  1. Complete our introductory and holistic bodywork 1 courses, pass a 120 minute (oral and practical) exam and you are ready to start work.
  2. Setup your room and open a bank account.
  3. Tell people about your service
  4. Setup costs:.
    • 24 hours personal training $1200.00 (one to one with voluntary models including on line manual access.
    • An equal amount of time studying and practising at home between lessons.
    • Massage table, mediums, sheets and towels. (Typically under $1000.00)
    • Any text books, travel and accommodation are not included.
    • Not bad for a business you can fold into a suitcase and move to another city or country…

How personal training works

To get started, simply register online

Some advertising and business support is available to graduates.
Further training is always encouraged.

Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or EmailRegistration

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  • Ushma

    I did this course back in 2012 and it’s absolutely brilliant, I learned ever so much and new clients consistently say that I do the best massages

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