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Lomi Lomi

The art of flow

A foundation course in holistic bodywork based on traditional wisdom for healing and self realisation. If you are a whole person unruled by other peoples ideas, this massage will come easily.  

lmiLomi Lomi style holistic bodywork is often referred to as ‘the Rolls Royce of massage’.  Its best known for the deeply relaxing long strokes that sweep the body from tip to toe, over and under, massaging two areas simultaneously and fully engaging the senses so that stress evaporates.

As well as being deeply healing, this massage style provides a transcendental and blissful experience as in yoga nidra, so in effect it is a technological massage that restores healthy neurological function.

While Lomi Lomi or Kahuna style massage is thought of as having its roots in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands, When examining the history, we find that the genetic basis of the Hawaiian population has its origins in Tibet. When we examine the art of the massage, we find that the massage has features that are typically Ayurvedic as in the period around 3000 BC, South Indian sailors travelled this region and they also left the islanders with the twin hull canoe.

There are many modern counterparts and interpretations of lomi lomi. In the USA it’s known as Esalen massage, Chiromassage in Russia and simply Holistic Bodywork in other places.  There are Lomi Lomi teachers world wide and many videos available presenting the many different interpretations. The American regulatory system has so restrained Lomi Lomi that it is no longer recognisable as Lomi Lomi.

The Hawaiian word Lomi Lomi can mean ‘going to and from’, ‘to knead’, ‘to squeeze’ or ‘to make soft’ and other similar definitions. In Pukui and Elbert’s Hawaiian dictionary Lomi Lomi is described as “to work in and out, as the claws of a contented cat.” But for a person raised in the Pacific, lomi lomi simply means massage and this massage style varies according to each practitioners interpretation and ability.

While the healing potential of Lomi Lomi is greater than many other massage styles, its practical application in our increasingly regulated and politicised society is diminishing.  However for the therapist in clinical practice, the benefits of Lomi Lomi include greater comfort while massaging in terms of how to maintain a better posture and reduce stress on one’s own body as well as new ways to access hard to release muscles.

The training outlined here is only available to qualified massage therapists.

Applicants must at minimum have completed our introductory massage course or similar and have the hands on skills to perform a sound full body massage.

Lomi Lomi Massage

This course is an Introduction to Lomi Style Holistic Bodywork encompassing the history, context and practical application of what was once considered a Pacific Island tradition and its relationship with other massage systems. All lessons feature subject explanation, practical demonstration and guided practice.

The Course

Is only available with personal tuition – until you are ready.


  • Holistic wisdom, history, context and bodywork
  • Art in movement and maintaining your own body and energy
    massage is more than arms and hands, it involves your whole being.
  • Watch demonstrations and practice the massage techniques on voluntary models.
    • contour strokes
    • working under and over
    • treating different areas simultaneously
    • integrating the body
    • energy balancing
    • access to an on line student manual
    • the course is divided into 90 minute lessons and you can do a maximum of two per day as the tutors time allows.
    • students must commit to:
      • 40 minutes of physical and meditative exercises twice daily for 48 days
      • perform at least two practice sessions between each lesson
      • complete a 90 minute competency test
    • Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or Email

For lomi lomi, a non judgemental attitude is vital

3 comments to Lomi Lomi

  • masaj love

    Hey, I had this in Romania, my massage was on a massage table with no top or bottom sheets and a small towel just to cover my bum, but after a few minutes I was in heaven. I hope to be in nz sometime soon to try your lomi lomi.

  • Jennylee

    I’ve never had such a good massage before or since my lomi lomi experience. This is the most nurturing experience that one could gift one’s body and spirit. Just wish I could learn

  • Amanda

    Hey, I did this course way back in 2009 and it was brilliant on so many levels. I learned how to move around the table without straining my body or hurting my back which made doing regular massage so much easier. But with the lomi lomi it’s like I get connected to something wonderful beyond myself that I’m able to share with my clients.
    I should add that that was something of a challenge to get beyond the political correctness and formal draping so often expected, but once I did the magic really started to happen.

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