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Personal tuition

One on one massage training


Pregnancy massage

One to one personal tutorials with David gives you the skills to massage friends and family, or to develop your career in holistic bodywork with flexibility in class times and course content.

Students get a complete explanation, demonstration and guided practice on voluntary models so that they gain the practical hands on massage skills and understanding required above and beyond NZQA requirements.

Courses are holistic and may be customised to suit occupational heath, aged care, sports massage, women’s issues, other end use, or, just a good back rub.

We have male and female models available, and students will have a different model for each session. Friends can also be arranged as models.

Tutorials are by appointment to suit and please note that few people have the stamina required to take more than two 90 minute tutorials in one day.

In class, massage begins on the back and systematically proceeds covering theory, heath, safety and massage technique as the student is ready. 

Courses available:

  • Introductory Massage the amazing 8 hour course that has helped jump start many careers.
    Tuition fee $430.00 including course manuals.
  • The program is divided into 4 x 90 minute and 2 x 60 minute tutorials – Register.
  • Holistic Bodywork 1 (intermediate massage) 18 hours to enter the massage field as a qualified professional
    Tuition fee $800.00 including on line (video) manuals.
    The program is divided into 90 minute tutorials and concludes with 2 hour exam – Register.
  • My Home Business 26 hours combining the Introductory and Holistic Bodywork 1 courses for professional skills.
    Tuition fee $1200.00 including access to the on line course manuals.
    The program is divided into 90 minute tutorials and concludes with 2 hour exam – Register.
  • Lomi Lomi 18 hours, only for those who have done our other courses or know how to massage.
    Tuition fee $600.00 including access to the on line course manual.
    The program is divided into 90 minute tutorials and concludes with 2 hour exam – Register
  • Hot Stone Massage a practical 3 hour seminar covering the basics of hot stone massage incl techniques, health and safety.
    Tuition fee $185.00 with printed notes and a discount for two people learning together. Register
  • Pregnancy Massage: a 90 minute lesson limited to when a suitable model is available. $80.00 Register
  • Recreational or Couples Massage, take a course or one off classes to cover part or full body massage.
    Ideal for partners wanting to offer relaxation, recovery after work and sports or deeper intimacy. $80.00/90 mins. Register
  • One to One recreational guidance and practice with David. A transformative experience of meditation, movement and massage from $25,00/hr. Learn more
  • Shiatsu Basics: a three hour class covering how to perform a simple full body Shiatsu massage without oils. main pressure points. This can be done on a massage table or floor.

Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646
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