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Distance Learning

Correspondence Lessons

elbwNo matter where in the world you live, with distance learning you can gain practical hands on massage skills without any special facilities although you will need a massage table and an internet enabled computer with a camera and skype, a free video chat program.

By studying our massage manual and receiving on line instruction,  you learn to rub people the right way and provide real body therapy, stress relief or pleasure for friends and loved ones.

The introductory course on line manual contains all the massage information, instructions, photos and videos necessary to complete this full body massage using natural oils.

The personal lessons from the tutor help you to master the techniques with lessons scheduled to suit.

How it works:

Option One – casual and you can take your time….

  • Make a NZ$60.00 down payment to access the course material.
  • Study and practise in your own time.
  • When you are ready for instruction and / or certification, make an appointment with the tutor on skype.
  • You will be invoiced @ NZ$50.00 per hour. (payments can be made via paypal).
  • The tutor will guide your practise and answer questions.

Option Two – formal for certification:
This option has constraints which encourages students to be conscientious and do the course quickly.

  1. Register and pay the $230.00 full fee.  (payment can be made via paypal).
  2. You have as long as you’d like to study and practise in your own time.
  3. When you are ready for instruction and / or certification, make an appointment with the tutor for your first lesson via skype.  Then you have 30 days to complete the course.
  4. Included in the fee are 4 hours on line time where the tutor will offer guidance and answer questions.
  5. Your final lesson is to perform a complete full body massage with the tutor observing and if need be giving a few tips.
  6. During the course you can correspond with the tutor by email or chat on skype.
  7. Your certificate is emailed as a PDF file that you can save or print.



  • You must have a computer with camera and microphone so that you and the tutor can see what you’re doing and converse as you perform your massage.
  • The manual contains some nudity, if the human body offends you, please do not apply.
  • Students must pay the course fee before receiving manual access.
  • Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or Email
  • Certificates are sent as a pdf file on successful completion of the course.

What things do I need for the course?

You will need:

  • A warm and comfortable practice space
  • While a massage table is ideal, it is not an absolute requirement
  • Massage oil
  • Clean towels
  • People to practice on who are not shy
  • A computer or smart phone setup with a camera and microphone with Skype  voice and video chat so the tutor can observe your practise and suggest corrections.

The Introductory Massage Certificate acknowledges that you have had sound basic training and you are competently able to complete a full body massage.

Do I need a massage table?
It makes a massage easier to perform but is not essential.

My Health is not good, can I still learn?
There are few health problems that prevent massage, however if you are unsure ask us or your doctor before enrolling.

What does an on line tutorial involve?
The tutorials via skype require that you have a computer setup with a web cam where you can be seen performing your massage. During these tutorials the tutor will guide you to improve your technique and you can ask questions.  You will need a willing model to massage during these tutorials.

Can I become a Massage professional by correspondence?
Some people do, but the Holistic Bodywork 1 Course we feel is the primary requirement to work as a therapist and a part of it may be done by correspondence, however you will need to attend our school and pass the exam or take an exam at another institution.

I have registered and paid for the course, but have changed my mind and want a refund, can I do this?
Only in accord with our terms and conditions.


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