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Introductory Massage Course

Introductory Massage Certificate Course


This recreational (Swedish/ holistic massage) introductory massage course introduces you to the wonderful world of  massage as a career taster and/or to treat friends and family.

Public classes are available on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm as:

1. A public class with instruction and guided practice in class sizes of:

  1. Two students –  4 x 90 minute classes plus 1 two hour final class.
     Session one practice on each other.
     Session 2, 3 & 4 practise on models.
     Session 5 a full boy review practising on each other.
  2. Four students – six 2 hour classes
    Practice on each other.

2. Personal tuition – 7 hours massage  instruction and guided practice on voluntary models plus a 60 minute massage from the instructor – 8 hours in total.

Public Class Prospectus:

Lessons include an explanation and demonstration of the techniques, tips on health, safety and application.  Then you practice the techniques on your fellow class mates. Guidance and correction are given as needed and you will spend almost half the class being massaged and the other half massaging which makes this a relaxing and educational evening out.

Course content:

  • Massage health and safety.
  • Client management and draping.
  • Massage theory.
  • Massage mediums and principals of aromatherapy.
  • Massage techniques.
  • Instruction and practice on how to perform a full body massage including feet, head and face. (Front torso massage is optional.)
  • Massage for relaxation, healing and pain relief.

Class format with 4 students
Lessons are two hours in duration and are held in Christchurch on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 – 9.30pm.  If this does not suit, personal tuition is available or you could gather your own group and schedule lessons to suit.

  • Lesson one
    Covers health and safety, theory, customer care, massage mediums, cause and treatment of aches and pains. Practical massage techniques to the back.
  • Lesson two
    A review what has been covered and learn more back, neck and shoulder massage techniques.
  • Lesson three
    A review of back massage, back legs and feet.
  • Lesson four
    Review plus front legs and torso (belly and chest optional).
  • Lesson five
    Front body review plus arms, neck, head and facial massage.
  • Lesson six
    Putting it all together as a full body massage.
  • Public Course fee $230.00 including the class manual. (Repeating Students $100.00)
  • Private Course fee $430.00 including the class manual.
  • Public course timetable, or book register here.
  • Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or Email Registration

Class format with 2 students
Explanation – Demonstration and guided practice as above.

  • Lesson one 90 minutes
    Covers health and safety, theory, massage mediums, massage to the back and legs with students practising on each other.
  • Lesson two  90 minutes
    Review of massage to the back neck and shoulders & backs of the legs with students practising on voluntary models.
  • Lesson three 90 minutes
    A review of the previous lessons plus the feet, basic reflexology and fronts of the legs with students practising on voluntary models.
  • Lesson four 90 minutes
    A review of the previous lessons plus body front, arms and hands  with students practising on voluntary models.
  • Lesson five 2 hours
    A full body review with students massaging each other.
  • Course fee $230.00 including the class manual. (Repeating Students $100.00)
  • Attendance notes
  • Notes

    • Differences between this course and courses at other institutions:
      • This course is more comprehensive than most.
      • Classes are all hands on.
      • You get to see, hear, do and feel everything about the massage.
      • Many have used this experience to begin work in the industry.
      • Price; Our competition asks over $2000.00 for similar courses.
      • Why does this course cost less?
        Because it’s a home based community service and not for profit.
      • Attendance notes
    • You do not need any books, to support your learning, a 52 page ring bound class manual or a lifetime membership to our on line student manual is included in the $230.00 fee.
    • Massage tables, oils and everything necessary are supplied for lessons.
    • Students learning with personal tuition will find the above lesson plan slightly condensed.
    • All students completing the course receive a certificate as a PDF file emailed to you, or it may be printed for you to collect at a cost of $5.00.
    • A massage table is recommended for your practise, you can sometimes get good 2nd hand, and new from Aurora Tables from 200$
    • Certification

    Students say:
    “Thanks for the introductory course I really enjoyed it :)” Shelley
    “A relaxing evening out” Jane
    “I always sleep well after this class” Alister
    “An excellent, comprehensive all round course”. Fiona.
    “Thanks for great evening and I am looking forward to the next class” Gary
    “I’d like to take this opportunity in thanking you for the beginners course. I truly enjoyed myself on both giving and receiving massages and certainly learnt a lot. I look forward to attending the intermediate course next year.” Lynley
    “Thanks for the certificate, I really enjoyed the course.” Julie
    “Such an amazing course and great value for money, you don’t charge anywhere near enough for the amount you give” Jay.

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