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Learn Massage

Learn a true healing art

skin_rollLearn massage for business, recreation, preventive medicine and emergency healthcare.

Massage is instinctive and one of the worlds oldest healing arts and massage is a wonderful career. But while anyone can rub somebody, a massage course gives you the skills along with the health and safety advice needed so that when you do rub somebody, you can do so in a way that the person you are massaging has confidence in you.

In our modern world, repetitive stress injury is one of the most common elements that people suffer from and massage is the best remedy. Therefore if you wish to be helpful to your friends and loved ones, knowing how to massage is as important as being able to prepare and serve healthy nutritious food.

For anyone unable to commit to a full course, a one hour casual lesson will provide the skills to perform a very nice back, neck and shoulder massage that will help to relieve any suffering. Our courses include comprehensive instruction and video manuals.


  1. Introductory Massage:
    Our most popular short-course is the introduction to a full body massage.  Public classes are held on Tuesday evenings and run over six weeks throughout the year. Although it is not recommended, many people have used this course as a platform to begin their own massage business or to work in one of the countries spa resorts. Learn more.
  2. My massage business:
    For anyone seeking financial independence and self-determination, the my massage business course combines the introductory full body massage course and the holistic bodywork level I course with 26 hours personal tuition. Learn more.
  3. Intermediate Massage: for introductory certificate holders with times to suit (18 hours personal tuition)
  4. Lomi Lomi Massage: for introductory certificate holders with times to suit (18 hours personal tuition)
    For those interested in personal growth and transformation with the desire to assist others to not only release the aches and pains, but also to become more conscious human beings the lomi lomi course provides these skills. Note to attend this training you must have completed the holistic bodywork level I training program or another recognised massage course. Learn more.
  5. Hot Stone Massage: for introductory certificate holders with times to suit (3 hours personal tuition)
    Anyone in clinical practice needs to know how to perform a hot stone massage as it has become so popularised. This can be learned as a one-off three hour course which covers health and safety, and integrating the use of the hot stones into your own particular style of massage. Note to attend this course you must have completed a recognised massage course. Learn more.
  6. Recreational Massage: learn full body, part body or massage for pleasure with times to suit.