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Lomi Healing

Lomi Lomi

lomi lomi

Deep shoulder release

Are you ready to surrender, to completely let go of your body and have it thoroughly massaged from tip to toe with beautiful fragrant warm oils. Are you ready to allow your mind to sink into a blissful meditation as you enjoy the sensations of warm hands flowing over and under you?

Having origins in Ayurveda over 3000 years ago, Lomi Lomi (also known as Kahuna massage) is a relaxing and therapeutic massage characterized by the long strokes that sweep from tip to toe. The therapists hands simultaneously massage under and over the body to fully engage the senses so that stress evaporates.

In effect, lomi lomi massage is a technology as yoga nidra, it enables a state of conscious relaxation whereby the synaptic functions of the brain are restored and the parasympathetic nervous system activates to help balance and restore physiological function.

The Lomi Lomi Experience

  • When you come for your Lomi Lomi style massage it’s best to shower first.
  • Lomi Lomi Massage is a complete full body treatment excluding the genitals which cannot be rushed.
  • The massage begins with you fully draped and the sheet removed during the massage as you’re comfortable.
  • Your body will be lavishly covered with warm oil and the therapists strokes flow over and under the body, sometimes lifting and gently stretching the limbs.
  • Tight muscles are eased and the massage may include deep tissue elements if required.
  • The massage may last a full 90 mins or more
  • For this experience, you need to allow yourself space before and after.

Those who have had a Lomi Lomi style massage some say its a ‘wow’ or ‘fantastic’ experience but like the taste of an exotic fruit, it’s impossible to describe the taste to anyone else. The relaxation or ‘feel good’ effect from a lomi lomi treatment can last for days or even weeks.

Lomi lomi is a spiritual massage; for more insight, please play the videos below.


3 comments to Lomi Healing

  • Stephanie

    Hi, some long distance friends recommended this massage so I put aside my inhibitions and gave it a go. The first was by a massage creep, politicly correct but just creepy. Not to be put off I tried a woman who gave a poor and very pc rubdown and never stopped talking. Then by chance I went to Poland and got a full treatment that blew my mind, it was highly sensual, almost erotic and magical but deeply healing. I’ve tried a few others which has left me wondering why there is such disparity between therapists.

    • David

      Hi Stephanie, massage is subject to moral and political pressures that vary from country to country. Individual practitioners vary according to their training, political bias, experience and understanding of the human condition.

  • Kelsy

    Hi, my Lomi Lomi massage with David was fantastic! I felt really relaxed and stronger after the experience as found it went deeper than regular massage. Like it released some physical and emotional blocks that had been bothering me for ages. Very liberating and freeing.

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