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Holistic Bodywork

More than just another massage

shinThink for a moment, when you want your car to perform and look its best, you get if fully serviced. Any repairs are done then it’s made spotless inside and out. Your body is the vehicle for your spirit (soul) so a holistic massage provides you the opportunity to relax and have time out while your body is treated.

When you come for a holistic bodywork treatment, your entire body (excluding genitals) is treated in detail to relieve any stress and provide balance for optimal function.  This is why many top athletes and business leaders rely on massage for their success today and it works because the entire body is treated to promote circulation, the transport of energy to the cells, removal of toxins and body wastes on a deeper level than regular Swedish or relaxation massage.

If you want to perform your best and suffer less, then perhaps you should book a 90 minute holistic body treatment. Not only are your muscles kneaded and stroked to ease out tensions, the deeper underlying muscles are stretched to relieve deeper stresses that massage techniques alone cannot address.

Deep tissue massage is associated with pain, but a holistic bodywork treatment is not painful Muscular stretches negate the need for strong pressure and the body is treated as a whole without judgement. It matters not if you’re thick or thin, short or tall, you are a whole person and your body is an integral part of who you are; you owe it to yourself to have it well maintained.

Holistic bodywork is not as daunting for shy people as some find Lomi Lomi, the body is draped as with any standard relaxation (Swedish) massage.

In conjunction with a holistic bodywork treatment, you may be given advice towards diet, exercise and esteem building.

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