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Holistic Bodywork

More than just another massage


The word holistic implies the “whole” or the “all” so when it comes to massage, holistic bodywork is a massage system that treats the entire body excluding the genitals to have a positive effect and restoring the body to its optimal function.

The human body is the most sophisticated piece of biological technology on this planet that is designed as a vehicle for human existence and the confusion that we have is that we identify as being our bodies or being our minds, but we are neither period the human being in reality is the soul within and as a soul, it is desirable to have a body that functions as it was designed.

Because we identify as the body or mind, we become attached to our opinions about our bodies and we form lots of value judgements that lock us into various behaviour patterns which diminish the body by creating packets of stress within the muscle groups and organs, energy blocks within the Meridian system which combined with a less than ideal diet and lifestyle plan leads to physical impairments and suffering.

Relaxation massage addresses parts and sometimes all of the body to induce relaxation without paying too much attention to the imbalances of the body. Therapeutic and remedial massage deals with particular issues yet these stars of massage provided degree of relief and comfort yet they do not address the entirety of the body in a particularly well-balanced way he did a therapeutic massage that excludes the outer hips or the front torso may relieve a particular stress in one area, but that stress will simply move elsewhere in the body and the relief is temporary unless individuals can also adjust their lifestyle to suit.

The holistic bodywork approach to massage is about bringing awareness to the entirety of the body and body areas then work into the fullness of each muscle group so that muscles are treated from attachment to attachment point which like in any good therapeutic massage removes toxins and stress, provides relaxation and restores function. After each area has been worked in detail it is reconnected with the rest of the body and not left hanging in isolation which is often the case with therapeutic massage we sometimes just the affected part is treated and the person sent on their way.

The holistic bodywork massage is detailed and includes stretches of the main muscle groups to affect the muscles that the therapists thumbs and fingers cannot access ensuring the entire muscle is treated along with the rest of the body. Anatomically this also includes the chakras, meridians and subtle systems like the endocrine to create an overall harmony with the dense physical body.

Think for a moment, when you want your car to perform and look its best, you get if fully serviced. Any repairs are done then it’s made spotless inside and out. Your body is the vehicle for your spirit (soul) so a holistic massage provides you the opportunity to relax and have time out while your body is treated.

Holistic bodywork is not as daunting for shy people as some find Lomi Lomi, the body is draped as with any standard relaxation (Swedish) massage. In conjunction with a holistic bodywork treatment, you have the opportunity to talk about issues affecting your life so that you can be more proactive in living the life you want instead of being a victim of karma.

If you want to perform your best and suffer less, book a 90 minute holistic body treatment.

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