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Rubbing the body

skin_rollAn instinctive response that when we itch we scratch and when it hurts a little, we rub it better.

Massage is the world’s original healing art which is defined as the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Within all massage, the various techniques of massage have been named, trialled and verified as being healthy and supporting life. Massage does this by releasing stress,¬†improving circulation, muscle and organ function, immune response, mental and physical functions.

There are many forms or styles of massage that all have similar effects and there are ‘different strokes for different folk’.¬† One of the most common forms is Swedish massage, a system using oils to treat the body of the recipient in a Western clinical manner ignoring the personality. In contrast,¬†Ayurvedic massage and holistic bodywork aim to treat the ‘whole person’ as body mind and spirit.

Swedish massage can be used to treat any one part of the body without any reference to the person and it has two primary purposes, therapy and relaxation although in practice those two purposes overlap because any action which is therapeutic is also relaxing and any action which is relaxing is also therapeutic. This form of massage is highly politicised and often classified as therapeutic, remedial, deep tissue or sports massage.

Within ayurveda and holistic bodywork, massage as well as releasing stress is also about balancing the musculature or soft tissues and the energy body. In other words it is about treating the whole person. The actual tactile or touch techniques such as effluerage and petrissage are the same in all massage styles.

Being massaged

Now that massage is available in most malls, you can taste many different approaches without undressing yet every practitioner is different and you sometimes have to try many therapists to find one that fits with you. So think, do you want some basic stress release or real healing? Do you want a clinical experience or a wholesome experience?

Our treatments:

Learning massage:

Massage is instinctive but like all natural sciences, real skills are gained with proper training. Our school offers custom classes for those needing little more than a few tips, a full body massage basics for home use and a career taster and professional training for work in a salon to to set up your own massage business.


3 comments to Massage info

  • Marg

    Hi David, thank you for the superb massage last week, I must have been really wound up as I’m feeling so light and free now.

  • Zenia Cerroni

    Namaste, massage is so important and it’s great to find an establishment that cuts to the chase and embraces holistic ideals, nothing else is as effective at relieving suffering. _/|\_

  • Carol

    Hi, before I came to David’s clinic I’d had dozens of massages from a whole range of different people, but I was totally amazed by his treatment and how good I felt for weeks afterwards. If you ever get the opportunity and you want a really good massage, you won’t find any better.

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