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Massage Healing Reproductive Dysfunction

Relief from PMT, period pain and menopausal transition

A pelvic massage works best with a full body massage

All reproductive issues arise through an imbalance. This can be dietary, hormonal and from a wide range of lifestyle issues. While the long-term cure to any physiological problem lies in finding the right balance in one’s life, massage is one of the few completely natural healing arts that can provide immediate relief.

This massage is generally a complete full body massage for 60 minutes or more to help relax and restructure the entire body for improved energy flow including an extended period of time spent massaging into the abdominal cavity and pelvic area. Ideally this massage is best performed in the week before one’s period is due because when the period has arrived, there is little that can be done beyond providing a small amount of relief. Prevention is better than cure.

Evidence-based Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor: Bridging Science and Clinical Practice

The procedure for menstrual difficulties and menopausal difficulties is the same although the treatment for every individual is slightly different. Although the politics and emotive issues surrounding the human reproductive system are controversial, the treatment itself is less invasive than a gynaecological exam and in many cases is benefited by including breast massage.

During consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle and medical history then agree on the treatment before proceeding. A detailed pelvic massage alone takes about 45 minutes and for best results, a course of treatments over 6 to 8 weeks is recommended in conjunction with possible dietary and lifestyle changes to help restore normal reproductive function.

During treatments you have the option of talking about life or just about the actual treatment. During treatment, conveying what you are feeling to the therapist helps to make the treatment more effective and after one of two treatments, you can also self massage for continued relief.

Introductory offer, consultation plus:

  1. A relaxing full body massage to ease out stresses.
    • One hour @ $60.00 with about 5 – 15 minutes spent on abdominal/pelvic massage.
    • Ninety minutes @ $90.00 with about 15 – 30 minutes spent on abdominal/pelvic massage

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