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Massage Certification

A means of public approval

There is no legal requirement for massage therapists to be certified in New Zealand and Australia, but if you are here, and require certification, our former tutor and school director can assess and certify your practise. Allow nintey minutes – two hours. You will be asked relevant health and safety, and massage theory questions then you will massage the assessor. Call David to arrange a time on 03 980 4646 and note a donation is expected. 

Certification in any school or training institution is a statement that a person has gained some academic knowledge and learned some behaviours suited to the subject. In New Zealand like most western countries, the primary focus of education is the dumbing down of the student and attempting to shape them into a predetermined role in some industry.  As a result, the massage industry has become highly politicised and treatments sanitised in order to maintain political correctness.

I believe that massage as a healing art requires people who are alive in their being otherwise massage cannot be performed as a healing art.  The institutionalised form of massage that is so widely taught seeks to provide customers with a temporary relief from their ailments without exposing the root of their disease and the real cause of their suffering.

New Zealand:

Certification is controlled by the state owned monopoly known as the NZQA.  This generally triplescourse fees and waters down the quality of teaching, therefore we were not affiliated with NZQA in any way. However our massage certificates are widely accepted with our graduates employed in clinics, spa’s and medical centres in New Zealand, Australia, and other countries.

United Kingdom
In 2008 the government’s will enforce its’ policy of extending public protection by encouraging the voluntary regulation of complementary therapies including massage. Regulation of Massage Therapy is a process that will ensure that practitioners are trained and qualified to a specified standard and a register will be held for the public to find such qualified therapists and where complaints can be made about such registrants.

Registration is entirely voluntary and therapists will still be able to practice even if they do not register. If a therapist qualifies some years ago there will be a system known as grandparenting, where providing you are able to demonstrate you aer experienced, and up to date with your therapy, you will still be able to join the register.
Further and more up to date information can be gained from the General Council For Massage Therapy.

Australia does not require massage therapists to be registered to practise. Registration or accreditation of healthcare professionals is a State and Territory matter and has no connection with the Commonwealth Acts and Regulations.
Massage therapists are required to comply with relevant Australian legislation, including:

The Australian National Health Act 1953
The Privacy Act 1998
Therapeutic Goods Act 1989
Australian Workplace Safety and Standards Act 2005 and Regulations 2005.6
Massage therapists are also required to comply with state-based legislation.
Negligence and duty of care are areas of civil law that massage therapists should understand and respect in their practice.

NZ Government on massage
An in depth look at licensing.

4 comments to Massage Certification

  • Candice

    Actually you’re right, certification is a means of getting public approval but still there has to be some recognition that one’s competent to do the work. I agree that the certification processes in the US are way over the top and way beyond the actual scope of a typical massage practise.

  • Gabrielle Slitzer

    I can relate to the problem of certification. You have to learn vast amounts of politically correct stuff to get by government sponsored qualifications that are sometimes wrong. Thanks.

  • Leslie

    I get frustrated by the whole qualifications thing. Is like a whole lot of people who just want to control everyone else’s lives create rules and regulations about subjects they know very little about. I did my massage training in the USA and I had to take my exam twice because one of the staff disagreed with how I’d worded some of my answers in the theory section. But as far as the massage and my client management skills went, I was top of the class and this whole certification business stinks

    • Admin

      I totally understand you Leslie and this is another reason that this school remains outside of the “official” certification system.