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Life's Foundations

Perception and reality

spceOver the past few hundred years, Western science has freed itself from the restraints of the church and is now free to ask what many consider as the ultimate questions. Science has also progressed and through modern analytics, the nature of existence can be explored in finite detail although as yet there is no Western technology that allows the exploration of the infinite.

Morgan Freeman has been fronting a program asking what happens after death? Others have been asking if God really exists and a few nights back Stephen Hawking was asking if life was planned or completely random?

Is there an ultimate reality?

On the face of it, what we see is what we get. In other words our perception of reality is limited by our senses, and we see the world around us as something external, solid and tangible.  But at the subatomic level there is no inherent existence.

What is meant by ‘no inherent existence’ is that when we dissect matter, there comes a point where there is nothing left to dissect and yet there is a great deal of space. In other words we can take a piece of any material that exists be it earth, mineral, animal or vegetable. Then reduce the parts down past the molecular level and we get atoms, then where we dissect the atom we come down to the component parts which when dissected have no perceptible substance except space, energy and some rather strange properties.

The research in this area has been driven by the question, does God exist? But there are also many technological and industrial applications for knowledge that comes from such research which is probably the real reason that this research has been ongoing and vast fortunes have been invested.

At the subatomic level we have electrons and protons which are particles of energy rather than substance, and the scientists have delved even deeper to discover what they refer to as the ‘God particle’ which they have named as the Higgs Buson. They have also discovered other particles of energy called quark’s, hadrons and baryons. But not only are these minuscule particles are devoid of any physical mass, they can come and go from existence in what appears to be a random way and the scientists cannot work out if some of these particles are widespread throughout the universe or whether the same (only one) particle is manifesting itself across the entirety of the universe.

In the north of India there was a famous yogi by the name of Bubbaji. He is one of the lineage gurus of the renowned modern yogi Paramahamsa Yogananda. Although he is said to have died many hundreds of years ago, he had a reputation for appearing simultaneously in different places and even after his death, there are a great many reports of his appearance.

Through their meditations, the Buddha and untold thousands of yogis were able to perceive life the subatomic level. The Buddha reputedly was the first person to name the component parts of an atom even though he had no scientific apparatus.

Now think for a moment, we look out and we see the world around us. It looks solid and tangible, but when we descend down through the microscopic to the subatomic level there is nothing but energy and motion. If we take energy, it has a definition in terms of the space it occupies which may also be called mass. Energy could be in motion or it could be static but it is surrounded by space. What we say that holds anything together is gravity which is described by modern science is a force of attraction. In other words anything that has mass also contains an element (consciousness) which holds everything together which is another term for the Higgs Bosun or God particle.

At present there is no way of knowing if there is a central point drawing everything toward it which we call gravity or if in fact gravity does not exist but the space that surrounds any object affects the movement or pressure on any object toward the centre of any mass. In other words the idea of gravity is that an inherent force within an object pulls external mass inward. But the contrary idea is that space holds things together.

Modern physics also tells us that space and time are not fixed but flexible and the more they discover, the less they seem to know about the ultimate reality because even though they are descending into the subatomic realms, the amount of space they have discovered is immense. In fact the internal space of the atomic particle is so huge that it is difficult to comprehend how we can actually see anything or that we actually have any measurable weight.

One of the Key Eastern teachings is that existence is an illusion. Life, matter time and space are all illusory and yet Western life is based on the belief that what we perceive through our five senses is in fact the ultimate reality.

What does this all mean?

As the enlightened say, “life is a dream but the dream is real”. In other words our physical reality is very real, but the dream is that we only experience this reality inside our own minds.

It is a scientific fact and a fact of life that we perceive our environment through our senses. When we look at any object, we don’t actually see that object. What happens is that light is refracted from the object we are looking at, that light passes through the lens of the eyeball and shines onto the retina behind the eye stop the retina then send that information to our brain which then determines what we’re looking at. It is our senses which receive an impression or a sense of our external world and convey that information to our brain which then interprets what we are perceiving be it sight, sound, touch, taste or smell.

In all Western philosophy and in western ways of looking at the world, these fundamental facts of life have been overlooked and a long time ago we began the meaning in life and happiness in the world around us. In other words our happiness came to be determined by the pleasure of our senses. To please our sense of vision, we have created an aesthetic culture around what is visually pleasant to look at. In terms of sound we create sounds that give pleasure to our sense of hearing.

There is nothing wrong in shaping life to please our senses, it is natural and healthy. But it is unhealthy to end on any external phenomena for happiness and well-being because they don’t represent who we are.

So who are we?

smRemember at the subatomic scale there is only energy without material substance. Therefore if we see ourselves and even the universe around us at a subatomic scale, there is no inherent existence everything is energy that is given form. Earlier I mentioned that energy is contained a space, but I haven’t yet explained what gives energy material definition. And that is consciousness.

At the core of all existence there is energy and consciousness and the two are inseparable. If we look at material existence if we take away consciousness from our bodies they quickly revert to topsoil. But even the stone as it loses its consciousness over time becomes sand and dust and finally ceases to exist stop this is true of all life.

So on one hand we are simply energy and consciousness unbounded by time and space, and on the other hand we exist in this temporary abode we call our physical body within an infinite but illusory physical universe.

We have a choice as to who we are. We can identify ourselves as being this physical body within this physical universe complete with our name, occupation and other social details. Or we can identify ourselves as being the spirit within, identifying ourselves as the creative consciousness that is inherent within all existence.

Eastern philosophy

I say philosophy but it’s a recognition of the fundamental truth of reality that is kept in awareness during one’s day-to-day life. It is a recognition that all life is fundamentally united because everything comes out of that same fundamental energy and it is or shaped by that same fundamental consciousness.

Energy if you like is the stuff of existence, it is what becomes manifest as physical life but it is consciousness that shapes that physical life and physical world.

By remembering, by knowing that the world is an illusion, there is no need to grasp, there is no need to hold onto it, and there is no need to have any great expectations, but because it is so amazingly wonderful it can be enjoyed celebrated.

Western philosophy

This is all centred around the idea is that this physical body is the self is the basis of life experience and that our success and our happiness is dependent on the nature of the world around us. As a consequence we become dependent on external phenomena for our happiness and peace of mind.

This Western understanding is actually destroying life and the way we are going, will soon need another planet to provide the material resources to meet our needs stop already we have over populated and over the past hundred years we have wiped out almost half of the other species of life that once flourished here.

Western philosophy has passed its use by date, it has failed to provide any real solutions to mankind’s problems but in an accidental way it has confirmed and verified the foundations of Eastern philosophy and mysticism.

The way ahead

rkChance is a very slim thing, but as this civilisation rapidly slides towards total annihilation, the wisdom of the East is available. The enlightened men and women of India explored the nature of reality and this has been confirmed

Western philosophy is based on false understanding and the only chance of salvation that is offered to meet a primal urge that we all have for self-knowledge, self-realisation and unity with the Divine is an irrational belief in an unprovable God and an improbable heaven. The whole thrust of West understanding means that we are forever dependent on external factors for our happiness and well-being.

Eastern philosophy has arrived at a dharmic way of living based on the true nature of existence. It teaches that this world is an illusion and that we as co-creators can help to make a heaven on earth. This is because our own nature is internal and so is the source of our joy and happiness.

The Eastern view of life encourages us to turn and look inwards, to get to know one’s inner self and to tap into the source of creation and it is only here that we can find real peace and it is only from here that happiness and joy can emerge independent of any external phenomena.

“We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes ‘why did this happen to me?’ unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way.” ~ Shri Ram to his brother Laxman.

What I define here as the ultimate is not ultimate, there is more to know and everyone can access this realisation.  Western civilisation appears solid yet it has no real foundation but in contrast, Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism may look a bit crazy, but they’re build on a rock solid foundation. So where are you building your house?

Cover image courtesy of Smt Sheela Unnikrishnan

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