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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

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Karma and Reincarnation

A cycle of life


Karma and reincarnation have become familiar words in the English language and karma is generally thought of as being fate or fortune while reincarnation is that one is born into successive life experiences as human or subhuman depending on one’s karma or actions in past lives. Unfortunately this understanding is far from complete.


So let us first understand karma. Karma is memory that extends to past lives, but it is more involved than just that.  Remember that we are made of the dust of the universe; in other words we are made up of the elements that make up the universe, the planets, stars and space itself.  (All the elements in the periodic table come from five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. )

Now existence in any form requires memory, the fire must remember that it is fire in order to exist, but within its existence it has a memory of all fire that has ever existed in space and time.

In relation to the human being, we have a degree of individuality but our human body has a memory going all the way back to the five elements that it is composed of. Within this we also have a memory of behaviour and understanding and all these aspects are accessible within our own consciousness.

So it is possible to remember past lifetimes and thanks to the testimony of many great mystics and the remarkable memories of some children, this is becoming an accepted truth rather than an imposed belief.

In another way, karma can be seen as a start point in life or a gift that we can grow from as in our endeavours to live our lives, we are subject to making mistakes. So if we were a dirty rotten scoundrel in a past life and we learn that that is not the best way to live a life, that karma or memory becomes the basis for change.


We think about our physical body, it is made of the dust of the earth and when we die it returns to the earth and the atoms that make up this body may become the atoms in another body, but this is not reincarnation. If we think about our mind, is a collection of thoughts and ideas that may live on in other minds, but they are not inherently us.

The human being in this life has a body and mind, but we are an energy or consciousness that is far more subtle. This energy cannot be destroyed, it can change form and direction, but energy as such cannot be destroyed therefore when we depart this body this life there is a continuance. It is thanks to the mystics who in their deepest meditations have understood and made this aspect of our being known.

However every human being has the ability to turn inwards to perceive and understand the true nature of existence which then gives them the opportunity to transcend any karma to reshape their lives in any way they want.

Inner knowledge leads to freedom from suffering and self-determination to the extent that one can choose whether or not to reincarnate. The choice is yours.

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