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Hot Stone Massage

Hot rocks

hotstneHot stone massage is steadily growing in popularity and the following program is available by appointment.

Hot Stone Massage one on one 3 hour lesson
* For qualified therapists only

A three hour introduction to using the stones and incorporating them into your current massage system.

15 mins of theory followed by practical application on voluntary models.

The course covers health, safety, working with the stones and doing layouts.

The program can be completed on a weekday afternoon or a Saturday morning or afternoon. You don’t need to bring anything except yourself ready to massage with the stones.

The course:

  • A 3 hour personal class in Christchurch NZ in which you learn how to use the stones with practise on voluntary models.
  • A six page printout of key points
  • Fee $185.00
  • Optional massage manual access $60.00 – includes the introductory certificate course manual.
  • A certificate is¬†issued on completion of the course and emailed as pdf file only.
  • Register
    If you’d like to learn hot stone massage, but if do not have any massage qualifications, you must first complete our introductory massage course.
  • Read more about hot stone massage.

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  • Miriam

    Hi, you may not remember, I did your hot stone course a few years back and my clients love it. It fits in well with our nthn Eu climate. Best wishes Miriam

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