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Head and Facial

Beautiful pampering

There are many variations to this massage and treatments can last up to an hour, but typically the head and face massage is preceded by a detailed upper back and shoulder treatment, the optional inclusion of the breasts and arms before focusing on a detailed treatment of the neck, face and scalp in greater detail than what is shown here.

Many people are familiar with the adage that it takes a lot more effort and bold as many as 60 muscles in the head neck and face to frown or look unhappy but less than half that number to smile. The stress that we suffer pushes us into a state of unhappiness where we expend more energy simply trying to survive and we do it so badly that we have the appearance of premature ageing.

Facial lines and wrinkles are caused by the stress being held in the underlying muscular structure that supports the skin and unlike the so-called miracle creams that are applied to the face in the hope of easing out facial lines and wrinkles, massage treats the underlying musculature restoring the structural balance of the musculature making facial massage treatments much more effective.

You may have seen those advertisements for various creams where the cream is massaged into one side of the face and within minutes there is an obvious difference, is not the cream it’s the effect of massage that makes such a dramatic difference.

If you want to look and feel a little younger without spending a fortune, come in for one of our treatments and you be pleasantly surprised. While an upper body including head and face its transformative, a complete full body massage is much more effective in boosting energy as well as your appearance.

We are not expensive

A 30 minute upperbody, neck head and facial using natural organic and edible oils is priced from $25.00.

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