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Gift Vouchers

Treat the ones you love

You may not be able to give your nearest and dearest a Ferrari for that special occasion, but you can give them a gift voucher for a great massage or massage lessons to treat you later on, or some products to make them feel good.

  • $50
    This can be used for a 45 minute massage and is suited to those who’ve not experienced massage.

    • This can be a detailed upperbody massage
    • It could be a detailed foot massage including some reflexology, or
    • It could be a delicious head and facial treatment.
  • $80
    This can be used for a complete one hour full body massage.

    • By one hour, that is one hour being treated and the person would have to allow a few minutes before and after.
  • $110lo
    This can be used for a complete 90 minute lomi lomi style full body massage.

    • Can also be used as a massage course deposit.
    • Can be used for one 90 minute personal massage lesson
    • Can be used fore two personal one hour yoga lessons
  • $150
    This can be used for a complete two hour lomi lomi style massage or

    • A course deposit or
    • Two one-hour massages.
    • Can be used for one x two hour personal massage lesson
    • Can be used fore three personal one hour yoga lessons

Terms and conditions.

All gift vouchers expire after 12 months.
All massages are only given within our normal trading hours.
All massage lessons must adhere to our school timetable.

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