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Our store has mostly closed so listed here are a few products and miscellaneous items.
Prices are in New Zealand Dollars and all goods must be collected as we no longer ship or post, call 980 4646 to arrange a time.

Product Price Quantity
New Luxury 1900×600 portable massage table with extra thick padding, leather covering $250.00 x
 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 3 DVD Set by Bodywork Emporium (One Only) $40.00 x
 100ml Plastic Flip Top Bottles for use in your massage studio $5.00 for 10 x
 Hot Stone Massage Set
50 natural stones plus toe stones, cold stones and heater for doing hot stone massage. Used
$250.00 x
 School massage manuals
A detailed massage manual with written instructions, images and videos showing how to massage.
 $20.00 x
 Sacred Texts DVD
A digital library of the worlds sacred and mystical writings for professional clergy, historians and researchers (One left)
 $50.00 x
 Technical books relating to massage and health:
Kapanji’s 3 volumes on the mechanics of movement
Medical Marriage comparing complementary medical systems
Macrobiotics, general health, yoga, aromatherapy, and many more. Call to enquire.
Computer screens,
Acer Aspite 3000 laptop running windows XP home with open office and other software, good for word processing, photos, videos.  $25
Toshiba Sattelite Pro running windows XP professional $25
HP Pavillion, windows 7 professional with some software $250
please phone about these.
 Free Garden Plants
Pittisporums and lancewood
call 980 4646 to arrange a time or:
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