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Evolution and Our DNA

The question of intelligent design

Instant karma by gifs

Instant karma by gifs

Since scientists discovered DNA, they have been puzzling over its nature. But they couldn’t understand very much and labelled most of our DNA as being junk with absolutely no purpose or value. However ancient scientists had a deeper understanding which gave rise to the concept of Hinduism that still exists today.

In last week’s broadcast of ‘through the worm hole‘ with Morgan Freeman they were discussing the idea that genetic mutation is random and pondering the differences between humans in terms of skin colour, disease resistance and intelligence throughout the world.

From a mystic perspective, DNA concurs with science in that it is the blueprint of our physical structure, but it is also the blueprint for our mental capacity and carries the record of our evolutionary karma. Yet our DNA is not a plan that is set in stone; it is changeable.

Morgan Freeman correctly pointed out that when we are continually exposed to a particular disease and his example was malaria, people living in a situation where they are continually exposed will over time develop resistance, and eventually immunity to these diseases. Conversely as we know from the rapid process of exploration, colonisation and genocide that has taken place over the past 600 years, people are highly susceptible to diseases they have not encountered before.

For the most of our evolution, the changes in our DNA have been in response to circumstance, but to the scientific observer this is clear and there are also many other changes or mutations that they cannot fathom. One theory is to do with skin colour. I have often scratched my head over this one because there is more to it than simply an adaptation to climate. It would seem logical that people living in hot tropical countries would develop darker pigmentation to protect from the sun. This makes sense in tropical countries yet that doesn’t make sense when you consider those people who live within the Arctic Circle.

When it comes to intelligence, IQ testing was developed within the European environs, the benchmark score was set at 100. But educated Asians typically score well above this whereas the uneducated don’t fare anywhere near as well, so it seems unreliable in measuring intelligence.

Now we must return to India and the concepts within Hinduism that have been developed over perhaps tens of thousands of years. Remnants of the gotra system still exists in places, and if you like, this could be considered as a matchmaking service based on heredity. But it went much deeper than this because it helped to keep the population healthy and strong, and in addition as part of the Hindu culture intelligence was also a factor.

There are tens of millions of Hindus living in every country of the world and they play such a key role within the intelligence and technological communities that if they all went home tomorrow, the industry of the Western world would collapse. It’s no exaggeration to say that through thousands of years of mental training, Hindus are in fact more intelligent than most of us. This is simply a trait that has been programmed into their DNA.

So we have resistance to disease, possibly the adaptation of skin colour and certainly the potential for higher intelligence as evident changes within our DNA. Western scientists are now presenting the idea that because our brains are so active and use so much energy, they predict that in the future our heads will increase in size and we may eventually look something like popularised images of space people.

One of the drivers of our brain activity, and this has nothing to do with intelligence or the abilities to think, this is just about brain activity. Brain activity requires a substantial amount of energy and even when we sleep about 20% of all the energy used during sleep time is used by the brain because even in sleep our brains are very active.

But also during the day and this is less easy to measure, is that when our brain is engaged in constant activity, it is also communicating with the DNA. So the harder a person’s mind works, it is going to send signals to alter the DNA to begin creating an increased mental capacity which in the not so distant future may mean that the human head becomes larger.

Now if we examine our thoughts, they are mostly driven by external phenomena. Someone tells you that you are looking good today, your mind accelerates and creates a whole batch of thoughts relating to that. The sight of an image of an accident gives rise a whole rash of thoughts of concern for the people hurt and fear that you don’t get hurt. Now we must consider that our lives are filled with scenes and situations that are continually triggering our thought processes. Some of them are nice and some are only simulating various forms of anxiety which is not good for our minds or bodies which are flooded with fear response chemicals.

In our modern world many people have forgotten how to relax their mind and it is continually engaged in some form of thought process, including contradictory thought processes at the same time. All this mind stuff is calling on our DNA for more capacity because of the end of the day, we all seem to want more of everything even though it’s difficult to handle what we already have.

I’m not sure that scientists really understand this, but this is a driving force for the evolution of our DNA and consequently the karma for future generations. Therefore it’s likely that there could be some cyborg like developments to give the human mind the capacity that some want or our heads may simply become too big for the normal birthing process.

The Mystics, Buddha’s and Yogis, men and women of times long past understood this and described the mind as a tool for thinking. It’s like you have a car, it’s a tool to get you from A to B but when you’re not using it, it’s totally inactive. This is how our minds should be because when the mind is working all the time, it doesn’t necessarily become any more efficient, but it can take on a life of its own generating unnecessary stress factors.

It’s often a useful question to sit down and ask yourself, does your mind do what you want it to do, or is your mind dictating your life?

In the Western world, the mind is increasingly governing all of life. It has created so many fantasies that it has lost touch with the fundamental reality of life. Our mental fantasies have become so strong that we are destroying the planet that we depend on the life. You see, a mind that has no foundation in reality, a mind that is not grounded in the truth of existence simply lives in a fantasy world.

When your life is a fantasy and it doesn’t matter how much you believe because belief is still a fantasy, you may survive, but what little happiness and joy you experience will be temporary and dependent on external phenomena. But this is still imprinting into your DNA and will be passed on to your children. From the mystic perspective, this is causing a fundamental weakness or degenerative karmic latency within our DNA.

The fact that we are living a fantasy existence means that we are overburdening our minds, we are creating a fantasy lifestyle that is highly toxic to our own bodies. We may develop some resistance to herbicides like roundup yet our lifestyle will be inhibited by more cancer, more mental illness and a greater dependency on drugs and medical technologies to survive.

This is why yoga and meditation are so important. These tools help to restrain the mind and turn our attention toward the actual reality of our existence. When you know who you are and when you know what life is, you are not going to harm life, you are not going to harm yourself or anyone else. In fact you will be more inclined to celebrate all of life and your joy will be a natural outpouring of your own true nature.

What scientists struggle to understand has long been known by the wise and this knowledge gave rise to Hinduism, a way of living referred to as Dharma in which intelligence is increased without increasing brain size, the knowledge of reality increases but the mind remains a useful tool as a calculator. So the question is do you want to take responsibility for yourself and help to keep the human species strong so that it may endure?

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