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Could You become a Hindu?

A trend sweeping the world

dharma1From St Petersburg in Russia to Tennessee in the USA, Guyana in Africa, Melbourne in Australia and many places in between tens of thousands of ordinary everyday people are embracing Hinduism.

Before continuing let me clear up the misconceptions about what is Hindu and what is Hinduism. The word ‘Hindu’simply refers to the geography of the region we know as India. A Christian born in India as a Hindu, a Muslim born in India is also a Hindu so when you hear people speak of Hindus, please take note that you are hearing the correct usage.

The word ‘Hinduism’ is a very loose term used to cover the cultural practices of India and the Hindu people. However most people think it refers to the beliefs or the religion that Hindus belong to which is technically and linguistically incorrect.

The words Hindu and Hinduism were coined during the British occupation of India because they lacked the capacity to understand the nature of Indian spirituality which has no beliefs, it is not a religion and on the surface appears to be polytheistic.

A better name for India would be Bharat which is in keeping with the traditions of the country and there are moves to reinstate or rename the country to help eliminate some of the confusion caused by the British occupation.

Therefore in asking the question, could you become a Hindu, I’m really meaning do you have a capacity for a change in your perception of life?

krishnamurtiThe indigenous inhabitants of Bharat that most people refer to as Hindus have no traditional beliefs. You they have an understanding or an acceptance of the idea that there is a Creator God or creative principal that underlies the universe including the nature we see around us and ourselves.

The people of Bharat have no need to believe in this God because this God or this energy is within all creation and it’s as much a fact of life as the food we eat. In the spiritual traditions of Bharat, civilisation is established in such a way as whoever has the inclination can give up their work and engage in meditative practices to directly perceive this underlying spirit.

Over tens of thousands of years, this civilisation has evolved and untold people have touched the divine or even merged into it to become complete and responsible human beings with an understanding of creation and the nature of life.

After thousand years of Islamic and British interference plus the economic and social pressures from outside Bharat, much of the population has been separated and are confused about their own history and spirituality which is perhaps the richest in the world.

So when you look at the land we call as India today with its contradictory politics, wild horror stories in the media and the Hindu bashing by US and British intellectuals, it takes many years of careful study to come to any truthful and meaningful understanding of this great country.

Saraswati-MaaAs I said, the people of Bharat except the idea of a creator god with both a masculine and feminine aspect which is missing in the patriarchal and Abrahamic religions. But because God or the creative principal of life exists everywhere and inside of everything, the worship or the adoration of the divine principle can also be to anything.

Therefore, the tree, the flower, the plant, the stone and even the things that people create help to bring focus for worship. But people don’t go to the temple to pray or to ask anything of the divine. They go to the temple and perform their worship as a means of connecting with the divine and making the divine more manifest within their own life.

The praying to God in a Christian sense is a reflection of the separation from life and the patriarchal conquest of life without the benefit of feminine intuition. So prayer becomes ‘I want’ supported by beliefs and if the prayers are not answered, the person can only rest within the fatalism that the result or lack of result is God’s will.

Technically speaking, no one can become a Hindu but everyone can become a better human being which is what Hinduism (as is commonly referred to) is all about.

To become what most people refer to as a Hindu is not to give up anything beyond your bad habits, it would simply be a slight shift in perception and a gradual change of lifestyle. Redundant beliefs would fall away and you would begin to find a new and richer appreciation of life.


One day God asked the angels to create colour, so they made India.

Outside of India where organisations like BAP’s speak of Hinduism as a religion and most people from India are rather confused as to who they are in terms of history and faith in relationship to other cultures and religions, you may find a new social dimension because even though the people are confused intellectually, they are extremely warm and welcoming.

The purpose of life is to know life and to know life one becomes more inclusive. Along with redundant beliefs, the need to judge people and engage in gossip or seeking short-term pleasures falls away to be replaced by more meaningful conversation and thought processes.

Over the past hundred years we have seen how yoga has spread around the world and some aspects of yoga are flourishing more outside of India than within. Yoga if you like can be seen as the heart of Bharatan culture. Those yogis who have achieved enlightenment had over many thousands of years helped to formulate a stable and enduring lifestyle where human happiness is paramount as opposed to the temporary pleasures afforded by material gains.

When we think of Bharat in a broader perspective, historians are now able to trace the origins of language, the origins of sciences and the origins of religions back to India. Judaism and its offshoots of Christianity and Islam are simply incomplete elements of Hinduism. Within Christianity had the idea ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ which within Hinduism is referred to as karma. Similarly the idea of everlasting life in the Bible is reincarnation within Hinduism.

The science and technology of ancient India has yet to be bettered in many areas of modern science and many scientists today look to ancient India to help resolve the flaws in their own understanding today.

sari-1Why you cannot technically become a Hindu or convert to Hinduism, you can shift your perception to deepen your understanding of the world around you to better shape your own actions. There is also the option for the women to wear a glamorous sari and families can learn how to exercise nonviolence in their dealings with each other and their communities.

By becoming Hindu in your nature and outlook, you will enrich your life and the lives of those around you. But if the whole world was to become Hindu, there would be no need for war and we would finally have the state of heaven on earth.

Daily activities which could be described as Hindu

When you wake in the morning, simply appreciate the fact that you’re alive.
Before you set out on your day, spend a few minutes or even a half hour if you have time to meditate and deepen your connection to life.
During the day as you have moments, simply remember that you are a piece of life coexisting.
Again in the evening before sleep, take a minute to express your appreciation for life.

By expressing your appreciation you are expressing your gratitude which has a positive effect on the mind. You may remember your parents or grandparents instructing you about being grateful, it really works to help getting beyond obstacles in life.

As you look into the culture of Bharat, you will come across the images of many deities. The lady with the instrument and Swan above is Saraswaty, a feminine element that corresponds to an aspect within our psyche that helps to bring about success in life.

You may have heard of Ganesha, the elephant headed God. It is not so much that he is a God but a divine aspect of life and by contemplating or meditating on what he represents, obstacles in life may be overcome.

There are countless stories, countless faces of the divine and you can even make up your own. But the goal is to harmonise, to become really comfortable with life and overcome your own limitations.

Should you feel inspired, one of the starting places may be a nearby yoga or meditation class. Most cities in the world have a temple where you would be most welcome. You can avail yourself of a vast library of books and there’s a ton of stuff on YouTube or other places on the web.

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6 comments to Could You become a Hindu?

  • Guy Baadsgaard

    Why would anyone want to do anything as stupid?

  • Lee Heral

    Hi one cannot convert to Hinduism, it’s all about practice based on ancient science. There is no official conversion process or ceremony for converting to the Hindu faith. To become a follower, one needs only to have the will and the commitment to study and know the scriptures, and abide the proper practices.

  • Karl Catani

    What you say sounds all very well in theory, but there’s no way I could ever become a vegetarian or even get my head around some of the concepts that you’re talking about. How did you do it?

    • Admin

      Hi Karl, it’s easy really, it’s just a matter of recognising that you are a piece of life and everything is interconnected. But another way of looking at it as to ask yourself where can I find joy and happiness that does not necessitate creating suffering for oneself or others?

  • lordy

    It’s difficult to locate knowledgeable people on this subject,
    but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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