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Hindu Art Paintings

Heroes and Heroines

Representing the elements of Hinduism, including Hindu gods and episodes from the Upanishads, created in the tradition of Indian miniature painting.


In her perpetual battle against the negative forces threatening the world, the valiant goddess Durga often manifests further incarnations of her own power (shakti), known as ‘matrikas’ (mothers). There she is, riding her sprinting tiger sideways, much like the graceful women of India

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Batik Paintings

Lost wax art

Three apsaras

Batik Art, depicting Hindu iconography and traditional Indian subjects, created using the wax method of Batik Painting.

Works include: Parvati, as the goddess of abundance (Annapurna), pours into the alms-bowl of Shiva, his portion of food. An expressive portrait of the living legend Sri Sathya Sai Baba, with his characteristic (and beautiful) hair; the Ganga ghat at Varanasi.

A Buddhist wrathful deity, crushing

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The Sari

The ultimate in feminine dress

The Oxford English Dictionary in 20 volumes, is perhaps the most comprehensive and authoritative lexicon in any language. It describes the sari in the following manner: “A long wrapping garment of cloth or silk, usually of a bright colour, worn by Hindu women.”

It further goes on to say: “In use one end is passed several times round the waist to form

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Clothing and Jewellery

Dress for comfort or to impress

Pure Wool and Pashmina Shawls, hand-woven in the looms of Kashmir and Kullu The unique achievement of the Jamawar shawl of Kashmir is the manner in which the many shades of a minimum number of colors merge into one aesthetic composition, the forms embodying these hues baffling one by their sheer number. Bright and luxurious silk shawls from Varanasi (Banaras); gentle soothing hues from

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Nepalese Art

Art & Sculptures from Nepal

What do the Tibetans when unhappy in love, do to win over their beloveds? They pray to Kurukulla, the wrathful manifestation of Goddess Tara. There she stands, precariously balanced, bathed in sensuous gold, holding her flowery weapons. The erotic symbolism is emphasized in her sadhana. For subjugating a man, the flower-hook and arrow are visualized as piercing his heart, while for attracting a woman, these

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