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Massage Tips

Home massage guide A simple introduction to massage therapy for relaxation

Hi there, these pages can be used at your own risk and responsibility to begin some tentative massage practice on your family, friends and acquaintances. This is not a complete course but it includes some of the techniques taught in our introductory certificate course.

As in life, the first imperative with massage is to “do no harm”.

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Massage: A Historical Context

And an evolutionary process

Almost all mammals and many other species scratch when they itch and rub their bodies to relieve discomfort and humankind is no different. There is little doubt that our earliest ancestors would have also scratched when they itched and rubbed their bodies to relieve tiredness and stress. It seems probable that these actions were simply responsive to individual circumstance and perhaps many tens of thousands of

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Prevent and Recover Saggy Breasts

How to have a proud and firm bust

Breasts for many are a social issue, yet every woman wants to have nicely shaped breasts throughout her life. Sadly, this is not possible in most cases due to lifestyle adaptations and the fact that breast sagging is a natural process that happens with age whereby the tissues supporting the breasts lose their suppleness and elasticity.

Breasts usually begin

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Massage for Back Ache

Why massage only sometimes helps or can even make matters worse

Backache and back pain results from our lifestyle choices, heavy lifting, bad posture and a multitude of other things. About 90% of the population suffers from some degree of backache and for most people, pain relief medication is usually the first option and when that fails, people began to look for alternative solutions.

Where back pain persists, many people

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Massage Tips - Client Comfort

Client comfort

A method of using bolsters to ease breast discomforts when suppine

When about to massage someone, need to ensure that your massage space is clean and comfortable, you are hygienically clean and comfortable with smooth fingernails. So how do you ensure the person you are about to treat remains comfortable throughout the treatment?

Your presentation and manner is important and is also important that your massage space

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Massage Tips #1

Home massage guide A simple introduction to massage therapy for relaxation

Start position with a bolster under the hips to alleviate lower back pain while laying face down

Please ensure you have read and understood all the essential theory, health and safety information before practising on anyone. Massage to some degree is common sense, be kind and compassionate in your approach and as long as you are sincere, your

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Massage Tips #2

Home massage guide Easy Back Leg Massage

This person is happy for the fingers to connect with the groin which is technically correct but may over stretch someone’s sense of propriety.

Leg massage is about relaxation, relieving tiredness and helping the persons circulation. Here the massage treats the lower leg and then the thigh, but you can treat the lower and upper leg separately or both together as is

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Massage Tips #3

Home massage guide Easy front leg massage

Massaging the front legs is similar to the back legs except you have the front shin bones and knees facing you. Exercise the same cautions as when doing the back legs. Note that the inner front of the shin bone is flat and you can massage gently over this area with the flat of your thumb, feel the shape of the shin bone

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