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"Humans are the only species with the potential to become free of karma." ~ David"

Life is meant to be blissful
Learn how by reading; Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

Intensive Massage Tuition

Personal learning and life lessons

Not everyone wants to undertake set courses and this learning option shapes your skills in accord with your needs and intuition to deliver real body therapy balanced against a background of ancient wisdom.

The lesson plan is a discussion about life within the tradition of the Gurukul schools and the yogic student teacher relationship. Massage is the medium complemented by discussion of holistic philosophy, short

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Definition of Massage

The oldest healing art

Massage is the systematic placing of the hands on a body and applying techniques to treat the body and the person to relieve ailments and stress and said to be one of the best preventative medicines available.

This basic instinct to rub our bodies in times of distress or injury has been developed over generations into a sophisticated healing art, it is a natural, holistic and

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Relieving Reproductive Dysfunction

Restoring women’s reproductive health

To understand reproductive dysfunction from a holistic perspective, it’s helpful to remember that we exist as a part of the life of the universe. We have been gifted this remarkable body and mind in order to experience life, yet we all live in prisons of our own creation.

Our physical prison is our geographic location and social class, but this is less significant than the prison

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Healing the Inner You

Rooting out the cause of your disease

Image courtesy of Mary Jade

Your health is in your hands, but do you really know what you are doing to yourself and how you may be creating your own illnesses? You may think you know something of life, but unless you know what life is, then you maybe guessing and creating the grounds for ill-health and unhappiness.

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Recreational massage lessons

Primary health care and recreation

A massage table is not necessaryA public domain image

A little basic massage is like first-aid, when you come home from work sore and tired, a few minutes massage can relieve your stress and give you energy to enjoy the remainder of the day, and it will also help you to sleep better.

A good massage also speeds up recovery after strenuous sports,

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Eye Yoga

Maintaining your vision

Let’s remember how the eye functions. Refracted light from the world around us passes through the lens of the eye to shine on the retina in the back of the eye. Sensory receptors register this light and send a signal to the brain. Then the brain interprets those signals to create the actual image we perceive.

Perhaps more than any other organ of perception, we rely on

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Tantra Experience

How tantra massage works

Many people seeking the deep richness of sensual connection and an insight into their own spiritual nature all too often end up confused, disappointed and shortchanged. The therapist delivering such a service is someone who meditates and has attained some level of self-realisation and knowledge of life beyond belief however there are far too many unqualified individuals who blur the line between remedial massage and sex

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Massage; A sensual experience

There is no such thing as a non sensual massage

In New Zealand before the decriminalisation of prostitution, the word ‘massage’ was the cover name for a great many sex workers businesses. Because word usage has persisted over many generations there are still sectors of society where people who hear the word ‘massage’ automatically satiate massage with sex.

Then came a refinement; people were learning that massage is primarily a

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Relaxation & Therapy

Calmness and stress release

All massage is relaxing and all massage is therapeutic.

The classical massage for relaxation and available world wide is often referred to as Swedish Massage which is a term for any general massage and rubbing of the body with oils.

Swedish Massage can range from massaging only parts of body like head and shoulders, back head and neck, feet and legs and any combination to

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Massage Books

Great massage titles for home or clinic

Books containing descriptions of every style of massage and instruction how to perform all these great massages. Please click on the book image to learn more, order or browse over 400 massage titles from Fishpond, NZ’s leading online store.. Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage with CDROM The 3rd Edition is now ENHANCED with 2 CD-ROMs that include 60 minutes of

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