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Canterbury Yoga Classes

A path of self realisation

113Yoga is a popular exercise system for body and mind. Basic yoga exercise helps to maintain health, fitness and balance. It can also be a course in self study of our human nature and the world.  You’ll find yoga classes in most towns and neighbourhoods, some the focus is on the physical exercises which condition the body, others are more meditative and every teacher has a unique style or approach.

Training with David

MeditationPersonal yoga training, massage tuition and seminars are available for your group by appointment.

The common meaning of the word yoga most often means ‘performing yoga exercise’, but by definition, the word yoga means ‘the ultimate unity or enlightenment’ synonymous with that of Buddha’s and saints. Hatha yoga classes are found in most world cities and yoga is excellent tool for team building exercises. Discipline is required to keep up a home practice and a strong desire for truth is essential for the serious student and seeker.

2017 – Monday Evening Yoga Classes in Kaiapoi are now conducted by Sylvia Mclean, please contact her directly dr.s.mclean @

St Pauls Hall, 53 Fuller Street. Behind the Kaiapoi Co-operating Parish Church
Corner of Fuller and Peraki Streets, Kaiapoi on the south side of the railway line.

Public yoga classes involve a combination of physical exercise, deep breathing, concentration and relaxation exercises to leave students with a greater sense of wellbeing.  Other affects include better sleep, improved health and vitality.

What to wear and bring to class:

Wear any light comfortable clothing you can stretch in and the room is generally warm – even in winter.
Please bring a either a yoga mat and a blanket, or 2 blankets if you don’t have a yoga mat.


6 comments to Canterbury Yoga Classes

  • Carolyn

    Hi Mr David, would you please run another public class for us?

  • Jenny

    Hi, I think I speak for all the students who have been attending this class for the past 15 years or so that we have all learned a great deal from David. He has kindly and patiently led us through a wide range of exercises to improve our flexibility as well as our physical and mental balance.
    These yoga classes have become such an integral part of our lives and we hope that Sylvia is as knowledgeable and as good a teacher.

  • Hey readers, if you’re wondering about this class, it’s brilliant

  • Darryn

    namaste David, I’ve been in Oz for a while which is why you haven’t seen me in class. Unfortunately I can’t find a teacher as good as you.

  • Robyn Huntley

    Are beginners welcome ? And are classes once a week only