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Breast Massage

Your breasts are not sex objects

In about a dozen of all the countries in the world, the human female breasts are seen as sexual objects where they have become the subject of socio-political ideologies leading to bad attitudes toward the breasts and women in general.

It was not so long ago a woman’s ankles were the ultimate tease and turn on for men, and no self righteous woman would ever let a man see her ankles. Today it’s the breasts or more specifically the nipples. Yet despite the phobias and politicisation of the human body, the breasts benefit from massage as much as any other part of the body.

In massage the breasts are simply seen as another body part without judgement and no distinction is made between men and women. The physiology is only different in size and both have a probability of developing breast cancer. Breast massage is excluded by many therapists simply because it is socially and politically too difficult,  but this should be a part of any full body massage, especially as it’s natural, normal, and a good way to help maintain overall breast health as well as being one of the better preventative measures against breast cancer.

An American therapist once said “you can massage any man’s chest, but not a woman’s.  
This is another form of discrimination and political correctness gone mad!”

Why breast massage?

The breast tissues like any other part of the body become lax, they hold toxins and the skin can become disfigured. Scarring generally occurs naturally through weight loss and after breast feeding.  Toxins are likely a cause of breast cancer; something a great many women die from every year. So regular breast massage is something every woman should do for herself on a daily basis to slow the sag, help prevent breast cancer and otherwise maintain good breast health.

Having one’s breasts included in any massage is beneficial on many levels. Toxins are removed, the skin and other tissues are rejuvenated helping to maintain shape and prevent sag. Breast massage can help improve the supply of milk and ease problems associated with lactation as well as helping prevent breast cancer, maintaining tone and shape, reducing scars and blemishes as well as giving a sense of completeness to any massage.

Breast Enhancing Massage

Are you serious about bust health and improvement?

Throughout history a fuller bust has always been admired as a symbol of loveliness, fertility and success, so is there an ideal breast size? For the modern woman, the ideal seems to be a C or D cup size but millions are not so blessed and lacking that vital feminine element can be a hindrance to finding a mate and building the life they desire.

In the 1970’s women in Thailand started to become more empowered and many thousands began the search for larger breasts. Many went overseas for surgeries and a great many more invested in herbal capsules and creams to increase bust size. The scale of this was so great that the Thai government became so concerned about the drain on the national economy that they commissioned medical researchers to find a cheaper solution and that solution was massage.

For a more rapid increase it is recommended that you also use a herbal supplement and massage your own breasts for 2 – 3 mins 2 x every day with a combination of natural herbal supplements designed to naturally increase the size, shape and firmness of women’s breasts.

Total Curve™ is a 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy to Increase 2 – 3 Cup Sizes – it is a three step process:

Step One:
beachTake the Total Curve™ Daily Supplement as a single, daily capsule, containing a series of safe, natural phytoestrogens that mimic the role of estrogen in the breast development process. The Daily Supplement also enhances overall breast health.

Step Two:
Use the Total Curve™ Lifting & Firming Gel, specially formulated with Volufiline™, is applied to the breasts every day for 60 days. Volufiline™ is clinically proven to increase breast size by up to 8.4% in less than 60 days.

Step Three:
Exercise with the Total Curve™ Exercise Program consists of a series of easily performed exercises, either at home or in a gym, to tighten and develop the muscles supporting the breasts. This lifts the breasts up and reduces “sagging”.

For the woman who wants to increase and celebrate her breasts without surgery, push-up bras or unproven technologies, the Total Curve™ 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy is a proven method of enhancing breasts using the most effective method possible her own body! Learn more.

Please note, you must buy the product yourself but we can assist teaching you the massage. 

Breast enhancing products compared

24 comments to Breast Massage

  • Dr. William R Bates

    Hey, isn’t breast massage just a titillating distraction? If I suggested that to my female patients, I’d get sued.

  • Forever Blessed

    Уeѕ, finaⅼly someone talks sense about breast massage. People have to realise that breasts are body parts and not fetish objects to be shunned. I had problems with milk supply after my first baby was born, doctors were stupid and a girl friend suggested massage. I had no idea but soon learned and my baby was well fed. I self massage almost daily and now with two kids, my boobs look and feel better than before pregnancy.

  • Karen

    A superb post. My personal circle of friends who have used correct breast massage techniques all say that they felt better about themselves and that massage helps maintain the appearance of their breasts. Of course the massage also helps to relax both the mind and the body that happens in part because oxytocin is release. I know it’s good for us and that it can help help prevent breast cancer, reduce the Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and the occurrence of cysts. After massaging my breasts regularly for the past few years has kept mine shapely, firmer and well toned toned.

  • Admin

    The first part is mildly therapeutic but it leads into excitation and is not the way we teach or perform therapeutic breast massage

  • Debbie

    I love it, breast massage is useful in maintaining the shape of your breasts and preventing sagging. According to the Ayurvedic Cure website, massaging your breasts stimulates circulation, which is necessary for keeping your breast tissue healthy. Massage also helps break up benign cysts, strengthens the muscle tissue of the chest and builds resiliency in the ligaments. With breast massage, your breasts will be firmer, less likely to sag and the result is a more attractive bust line.

  • Vanessa

    The therapist offered full or part body and explained my options well. Well, no one had ever massaged my boobs so I said yes and then didn’t believe I agreed. Anyhow when he uncovered my front I felt really anxious and thankfully he explained the health benefits and asked before touching. But then it was so lovely, non sexual – like completely non sexual and I wondered why we are so resistant to treatments that could reduce the incidence of breast cancer? Think about it ladies..

  • Sabrina

    I love massages but like most women I’d never had my body front massaged even though I’d read a few things about breast massage and its benefits. So I finally took the plunge and asked for a complete full body massage that when it came to my breasts, it happened and then it was all over like nothing happened. But afterwards my whole body felt nice and I’d recommend every woman should put aside her fears and go for it.

  • Sandy

    I was given a gift voucher to an upmarket spa in Cologne for a facial massage. I had a few of those home in the UK but at this place the therapist, a very pretty young woman got me to undress completely and sit in one of those massage chairs and she spent 10 minutes massaging my back. That was nice and then she got me to lay on the bed and although she had a sheet covering me, she pushed it down exposing my boobs and started to massage them. I asked if this was their normal treatment and in her bed English she explained that the massage was a full upperbody treatment above the waist. Actually was really nice having my boobs massaged and there was nothing at all sexual about it. But encourage every woman to get over any phobia she may have about her boobs and have I ever go back to Cologne, be having a complete full body message because it was so good.

  • Valerie

    Did you know breast massage releases stress and depression? The “love hormone”, oxytocin is produced through breast and nipple massage and is scientifically proven to decrease stress and depression and reason enough to massage or have our breasts massaged!

  • Brenda

    Top 6 Benefits of Breast Massage
    Breast Massage Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer: Scientific research shows that massaging your breasts helps fight cancer. In fact, “nipple stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of a useful female hormone, which encourages cells to expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts,”says Professor Tim Murrell, of the Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide. Regular breast massage can also alert you of changes in your breast tissue so you can take quick measures to heal.
    Increases Breast Size: When the breast tissue is stimulated by educated massage, the body secretes the hormone prolactin which slightly enlarges the breasts. Many women love this perk.
    Prevents Sagging: Breast Massage lifts the breasts by tightening and toning the tendons and muscles responsible for breast length. Goodbye gravity, hello breast massage!
    Helps You Look Younger: Breast Massage stimulates the endocrine system to secrete a powerful cocktail of youthful hormones. Prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen are three powerhouse anti-aging hormones known to be produced during breast massage. Many women take pharmaceutical hormones to stay young. With skilled breast massage, your own body will be your anti-aging pharmacy!
    Increases Pleasure: Increased sensitivity is a pleasing result of Taoist Breast Massage. As you become more aware of your own sensations and loving touch, you create new pathways in your brain for sensitivity. Some women even develop the ability to orgasm from this increased connection.
    Lifts Stress and Depression: The “love hormone”, oxytocin is produced through breast and nipple massage and is scientifically proven to decrease stress and depression. Why wait for love? This is reason enough to massage our breasts!
    The facts are in, folks: Regular breast massage is good for you! If breast massage can help ward off cancer, make you younger and your breasts firmer and fuller, let’s do it!

  • Pearl Vanhoecke

    Hello there, this is the most sensible and pertinent advice I seen for woman in a long time. I have been a massage therapist in Amsterdam for more than 30 years and I know very well from an experience that breast massage is as essential as any other part of the body. I was fortunate because I have many friends who are massage therapists and I had very good massages to a three times a month which included very prolonged breast massages that I advocate for all my female clients.
    Some of them are shy and stupid at first but it’s very simple and yet great pleasure and have your boobs very nicely rubbed. Girls want to grow up with healthy breasts, they have to get over that childish stupidity and political correct bull shit that goes on.
    If there are any girls reading this, you mark my words, if you regularly massage and look at your breasts and don’t wear a bra too often, your breasts should remain healthy for a lifetime

  • Carolyn

    Hello, right from the outset and duration of my periods I had really sore breasts not to mention really bad PMT. Someone told me about breast massage and I thought it was the most stupid thing ever, but I figured that it couldn’t hurt and make me feel any worse so I tried it.
    Actually they had been aching for two days before I actually remembered so I just used some hand cream and spent about 10 minutes that first time. If felt really weird because somehow breasts were supposed to be sexual, anyhow for the rest of the day I realised they felt much better and by the time my period had ended overall that tenderness was greatly reduced.
    So I made it part of my daily routine, sometimes I’d massage them in the shower so that when my next period arrived even though that’s uncomfortable, at least my breasts weren’t bothersome.

  • Sarah Smith

    Hi there, I read an article about using massage combine with yoga to help balance uneven breasts. I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis in my left breast which sits lower than the right side and it’s larger, I wanted to know if there’s actually any scientific evidence that massage helps to remedy this problem?

    • Admin

      Hi Sarah, medical science does not appreciate such simple and natural self-care options because there is no money in it for them. In fact you need to be aware that the medical establishment is about profits before healthcare. So this is completely sidelined and in some cases even disparaged, but there is heaps of anecdotal evidence and women need to talk to each other and share the information. There is a nice piece of feedback on an article here

  • James Fly

    I guess I’m like most guys and the idea of massaging breasts momentarily sent my hormones into overdrive, but by the time I got to the end of the article it makes such perfect sense but I think most women would rather suffer having breast cancer than take such a simple and practical solution.

  • Alisa

    Hello my name is Alisa and I just wanted to respond in support of your article. About five years ago when I was only 19 my breasts developed quite a few lumps which put me into a state of high anxiety which wasn’t helped by a visit to the doctor, and subsequent testing that confirmed that indeed I had lumps in my breasts but they weren’t malignant.
    After suffering months of anxiety, I got talking to a friend of a friend who’d had cysts on their hands, legs and other places and they got rid of them through firm massage so I thought I’d try it to get rid of the lumps in my breasts.
    As I had no idea how to massage, I went to several therapists who refused to have anything to do with my breasts and the massage was rather mediocre so I started experimenting. Actually I just used ordinary cooking oil and starting on one breast, I isolated out one of my lumps and massaged twice a day. I was amazed and delighted that after a few weeks that lump had almost totally gone and I felt fine.
    So I started massaging both breasts, isolating and basically squeezing the lumpy bits which rapidly began to diminish. I’d also looked up quite a few breast massage videos on the web which weren’t much help, but I got the idea to completely massage the entirety of both breasts and a month later all my lumpy bits were almost totally gone.
    Spending 15 to 20 minutes twice a day massaging my boobs was an effort. I tried getting my boyfriend to help, but he was hopeless so I endured and I’m pleased with results.
    But then because my breasts were on the small side and having lavished so much attention on them, I guess I was comparing more than was good for me, so I bought some of that Total Curve and a year later massaging my breasts twice daily with the cream, my breasts have remained healthy, lump free and have increased a full cup size.
    But I think the most important thing for women is that they regularly massage their breasts to feel for lumps because it’s insane not to given the high rate of breast cancer and like exercising to maintain other parts of the body, massaging breasts helps to keep them in good shape.

  • Lucie

    It’s rather astounding given the high prevalence of breast cancer or perhaps breast cancer is just a symptom of woman’s squeamishness about their boobs. I must admit that I was rather shy, and like me I hope most women can get past all those phobia about their boobs.

  • Della Frondorf

    Nice post. I learned something totally new and it’s great to see someone writing on this challenging subject. I’ve tried the self breast massage, it’s simple makes sense but the rest of my body feels left out.

  • Janele Keeny

    I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease when I was 20. by the time I was 15, it used to come and go just before my periods, but after a year it just never went away. Before that I loved my boobs and this problem was affecting my life and I heard about massage. Well the massage was borderline uncomfortable but I persisted and did some more research, abandoned my bra and radically changed to a more natural/holistic and caffeine free diet. Two years later I still get some tenderness before my periods but the lumpiness has all gone and I think every woman should massage her boobs or have it done because it keeps my breasts in great shape. Girlfriends I talk to about this sometimes tease that breast massage is sexy, but that’s only in their imagination. After suffering for 6 or 7 years, thank god for massage because I think that helped the most. As a massage oil, I use Evening Primrose Oil with vitamin E or sometimes just coconut oil. Great blog post.

  • Tracey

    Hey David, I did your introductory massage course way back in 2011 and I was really nervous about exposing my boobs in class let alone having someone touch them. I gritted my teeth and let it happen and then I realised the fear was all inside my own mind so in our last class you might recall I was a lot more relaxed. Since then, while I’d been having semi-regular massages, most masseuses are reluctant to touch another woman’s breasts which is very disappointing but most of the girls I massage, I’ve talked them into it and found it somehow normalising. Cheers Tracey

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