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Attendance notes

Inside the massage class

We operate from a private house with all usual amenities; bathroom, fresh water etc, and the massage room is a quiet and very warm environment.

Good hygiene and smooth/shortish fingernails are essential as is a non judgemental attitude, so please shower and arrive a few minutes early so that you can change and be ready for start time. Jewellery, watches and rings can scratch, bruise and get in the way so it’s recommended you leave all jewellery at home, then you won’t forget and leave them in class.

In public classes

If you are learning as a class member, you will be both the student practising on another student and a model for other students to practise on you.  Massage requires partial nudity to expose the body part being massaged, but care is taken to preserve ones modesty. In the introductory course, chest massage is optional, in the advanced classes it is mandatory.

One World Sarongs

What to wear in class:

  • In public classes where you will be both student and model, so the best item of clothing is a sarong – a light cotton wrap around and these are provided for your use and we have some for sale.
    A sarong can be worn as a garment when you’re doing the massage and used as a sheet to cover you when you’re being massaged.
    Tied correctly it does not open or drag over the person you are massaging.
  • Ladies need to remove their bras and in introductory courses students may keep their knickers on in which case smallest are best.

You do not need any books; to support your learning, a 52 page ring bound introductory course manual and membership to our on line student manual is included in the course fee.
Massage tables, oils and everything necessary are supplied for lessons.
All students completing the course receive a certificate as a PDF file emailed to you, or it may be printed for you to collect at a cost of $5.00.
A massage table is recommended for your practise, you can sometimes get good 2nd hand, and new from Aurora Tables from 200$
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